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Automate Master Data Vendor Extension Process to Purchase Organization with Approval Workflow


In every Project or Customer you worked for, you will have the scenario where some Master Data will not be extended to Company Code/Purchase organization and in those scenarios you have to send an email to that Team and wait when this will get extended so that you can create your Business Document. In this Blog we are considering a case where a Vendor/Supplier is not extended to a Purchase Organization. We will show how we can create a Simple Workflow for the Approval of this Master Data Extension and it is Auditable as everything is inside SAP. This will help you achieve the following Business Goals

  1. The Task is assigned to the correct Team for Review.
  2. SAP Workflow is Auditable so we can check who Approved or Rejected this Request.
  3. We can implement Deadline process so that it gets taken care within the right time.
  4. If there is something that can be automated without Approval those steps can be achieved. Imagine the Company Code Extension to G/L account should be automated without Approval
  5. Sky is the Limit with this concept start using these feature for all the important message and stop working on email and then SAP and work only inside SAP. For sure you will save a lot of clicks and Emails.


Login to SAP. Go to Transaction Code ME21N and try to create a Purchase order for Vendor/Supplier which is not extended to a Purchase Organization. Below is the Example.

Click on Help

Now click on Technical Information

Note down the Message Area and Number: MARKER A

Now go to Transaction Code SWUY

Please Click Continue

Mention the Message Area and Number we got from the MARKER A

Now Click Continue.

Now Click Continue

After Enter the Work item Text we will save it. Work item text helps to identify Workflow Instance for a Particular Master Data

Now select Workflow Builder

Now right Click on the Design and Select Create

Select User Decision Task

Please provide the details below and hit the green icon

Now Click on Activate Workflow Template.

Now we go to ME21N Transaction code and we got the Same Error and we click on Help.

Now click on Workflow

Wala the Workflow is triggered and ideally this should be sent to the Master Data Team.

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