An Introduction to the Data Transition Validation Tool


The Data Transition Validation (DTV) Tool is a new tool available for SAP S/4HANA conversion projects targeting S/4HANA 2021: DTV allows the establishment of a project that spans the entire conversion process. Within the DTV project specific reports can be identified and configured to capture key financial data before and after system conversion. The pre- […]

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Hiding a Tab dynamically in Fiori Object page using Virtual Elements/UI Annotations in RAP (Restful ABAP Programming) Model

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori Elements

Introduction: Since all the new SAP Developments are moving towards RAP(Restful ABAP Programming) based model there could be multiple requirements to hide some of the Facets in the Fiori List Report based object page based using complex dynamic conditions. Solution: As there could be complex conditions for multiple tabs which will be displayed in the […]

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Application Log Enhancements in Project Manufacturing Management and Optimization (PMMO)

ABAP Development

Introduction The Business Application Log (BAL) is a tool widely used by many applications. It offers nice functionality for enhancements and adaptation. For the PMMO application we made extensive use of these capabilities. Transaction SLG1 This is the standard transaction for displaying application logs. For the PMMO application, the following objects are available: We can […]

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Creating a basic Data Mart based on a classic star schema with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud

Introduction: One of the purposes of cloud software is to simplify, empower and enable all non-IT users with all about the benefits of corporate software investments, focusing on the “functional aspect” rather than all the challenges involved through new software implementation. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud continues using classic “measures and dimensions” concepts as the foundation […]

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Configure the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment Subaccount with SAP Forms Service by Adobe and Test with Postman

SAP Certification, SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment

Purpose This section shows how to configure the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment subaccount, and the SAP Forms service by Adobe. This service API will be tested with with postman Prerequisites You have a subaccount on SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment and the subaccount has entitlement of service Forms service by Adobe. Procedure Note : […]

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