1. All About Infotypes!

1.1 What is an Infotype?
1.2 How to Create an Infotype
1.3 How to DISPLAY an Infotype
1.4 How to CHANGE an Infotype
1.5 How to COPY an Infotype
1.6 How to DELETE an Infotype
1.7 How to display OVERVIEW an Infotype
1.8 Fast Entry

2. Some More Infotype Information

2.1 How to view all Infotypes Saved for an Employee
2.2 All About Infotype 0003 – Payroll Status
2.3 Time Constraints

3. Important Personnel Administration Topics

3.1 SAP Personnel Actions
3.2 How to Delete a Personnel Number

Organizational Management
1. First Steps

1.1 Structures In SAP
1.2 Object Types , Validity Dates , Infotypes
1.3 Relationships
1.4 Expert Mode
1.5 Simple Mode

2. Organizational Units

2.1 How to Create an Organizational
2.2 How to Create an Organizational Unit within existing Structure

3. Positions

3.1 How to CREATE a Position
3.2 How to COPY a Position
3.3 How to DELIMIT a Position
3.4 Identify a Position as Head of Org Unit
3.5 How to assign a Job & Cost Center to a Position

1. About Time we discuss TIME!

1.1 Time Evaluation Essentials
1.2 How To Run Time Evaluation
1.3 How To CHECK Time Evaluation Results

1. Important Concepts

1.1 Overview Of Payroll Process
1.2 What Is Payroll Area and Period
1.3 Control Record
1.4 How to execute Payroll
1.5 How To Check Payroll Results
1.6 How to DELETE Payroll Results

2. Must know Payroll Information

2.1 How to Execute Payroll in Background
2.2 What is Off Cycle Payroll
2.3 How to Audit Payroll
2.4 What is MATCHCODE W
2.5 Types of WageTypes in SAP
2.6 Wage Type Reporter

3. Post Payroll-Run Activities

3.1 Bank Transfer
3.2 How to Create a Bank Key
3.3 Posting to General Ledger
3.4 All About Ad-Hoc Query