Step by step introduction to set up and run a SAP PP Long Term Planning Scenario.

MAN Production Planning (PP), SAP HANA

SAP PP Long Term Planning (LTP) Overview Long-term planning (LTP) Is SAP PP procedure in which the simulative MRP run is used by production planners to compare various production scenarios concerning material requirement, vendor availability, and capacity planning for all materials listed in the Bill Of Materials (BOM). Using LTP, planners are able to establish […]

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SAP Integration Suite – Integration with SAP Master Data Integration (MDI) service

SAP Process Integration, SAP Integration Suite, Cloud Integration

Introduction SAP Cloud Integration version 6.27.**, one of the capabilities of SAP Integration Suite, comes with addition of Master Data Integration – MDI – adapter, to integrate your scenarios with SAP Master Data Integration service. SAP Cloud Integration version 6.27.** software update is planned on end of May 2022 or beginning of June 2022 (date […]

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Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting(BRSR) enabled by SAP Process Automation and SAP Conversational AI

SAP Process Automation

This use case involves the following products: SAP Process Automation SAP Conversational AI SAP WorkZone SAP AI Business Services Problem: With the growing demand of investors to understand a company’s performance in non-financial data, a deep understanding of a company’s commercial, ecological and social impacts, caused by routine business operations & endeavors is needed. However, […]

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How to Set Up Integration Between SAP Self-Billing Cockpit and SAP S/4HANA (New Edition)


This blog post describes how to set up integration between SAP Self-Billing Cockpit and an SAP S/4HANA system. The entire setup procedure involves the following tasks: Create a communication user for SAP S/4HANA. Check the availability of OData services. Configure the Cloud Connector. Subscribe to SAP Self-Billing Cockpit. Assign role collections to users. Configure data […]

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SAP Successfactors : Automation of shift change using SAP CAI and SAP Process Automation

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP Process Automation, SAP Conversational AI

Scenario SAP Successfactors Time off provides an option of having a temporary work schedule / shift assigned to an employee for a short duration of time which might be required due to various business needs. As per the current process, once the HR admin gets the required inputs from the manager or the supervisor, they […]

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The Differences between Traditional and Event-based WIP and Variance Calculation


As more organizations embark on their digital transformation, I want to focus on what changes when you move from the traditional approach with the period-based calculation of work in process (WIP) and variances to the event-based approach, which is now the default setting in SAP S/4HANA Cloud and compulsory if you work with universal parallel […]

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Enabling Change & Deployment Management in SAP Cloud ALM for SAP Integration Suite – Cloud Integration

SAP Cloud ALM, Cloud Integration, SAP Cloud Transport Management

To use the transport capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM in conjunction with the SAP Cloud Transport Management Service (CTMS), you’ve to establish a connection between SAP Cloud ALM and the SAP Cloud Transport Management service. This guide will lead you through the steps that are needed to establish the connection for the SAP Cloud Integration […]

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