1. Introduction to SAP MM
1.1 Overview of SAP MM module

2. Master Data
2.1 Introduction to Master Data
2.2 How to create Material master data
2.3 How to Change Material Master
2.4 How to Copy Material Master
2.5 Mass Creation of Material Master

3. Purchasing
3.1 Introduction to Purchasing and purchase requisition
3.2 How to create a purchase info record
3.3 How to Change a Purchase Info Record
3.4 How to create a purchase requisition
3.5 How to convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order
3.6 Overview of Quotations. How to create RFQ
3.7 How to Create Quotations
3.8 How to compare price for different Quotations
3.9 How to select or reject a Quotation
3.10 How to Create a Source List
3.11 How to Create a Purchase Order
3.12 How to create Purchase Order with Reference
3.13 How to change a Purchase Order
3.14 How to Post Goods receipt
3.15 How to perform Invoice Verification
3.16 How to Release an Invoice
3.17 Service Purchase Order
3.18 All About Outline agreement
3.19 Release procedures for purchasing documents

4. Pricing
4.1 Overview of Pricing Procedure
4.2 How to Define Access Sequence & Condition Table
4.3 A How to Define condition types
4.4 How To Define Calculation Schema
4.5 How to Define Schema Group
4.6 Define Schema Determination

5. Inventory Management
5.1 Overview of Inventory Management
5.2 How to create Goods Receipt
5.3 How To Cancel Goods Receipt
5.4 Reservation of Inventory
5.5 How to issue goods
5.6 Transfer Posting of Goods
5.7 All About Physical Inventory
5.8 Special stock and Special procurement

SAP MM Certification

SAP MM Certification Online Practice Exams
SAP MM Certification Sample Questions