Get started with Forms Service by Adobe REST API in BTP

SAP BTP, SAP ABAP Environment, SAP ABAP Development

1. Prerequisites – BTP subaccount with Forms Service by Adobe license(not available in free-tier yet) – Adobe LiveCycle Designer – ABAP Environment in BTP 2. Preparation Go to BTP subaccount -> Service Marketplace and choose Create from Forms Service by Adobe tile. Choose “default” as the service instance plan. Follow the same step with Forms […]

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Enhancement for Fiori — finding the places for enhancement — getting custom error message (ABAP)

In this blog, I am going to explain one these problems and its solution. The problem: The customer wants to get an error message in Fiori if the document is once canceled you cannot cancel again the same document after reversing. The purpose of this blog, finding points for enhancement and a solution for getting […]

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SAP Fiori Collaboration With Finance Payment Proposal Workflow

ABAP Development, ABAP Extensibility, SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA

Introduction: As you already aware regarding the Payment Proposal Workflow in SAP Finance, earlier it was triggered from SAP GUI and the decision whether it should be approved or rejected, this action was performed from SAP GUI itself. However, I came across this solution in S4 with Fiori integration with Payment Proposal Workflow. In this […]

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