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How to Share/Deploy/Undeploy local BPM process using NWDS

This blog will provide step by step guide on how to Import/Export,Deploy/Undeploy BPM Process using NWDS and PO.

1) How to Export BPM Process/SC?

  • Open Development Infrastructure Perspective

window->Perspective->Open Perspective->Other->Development Infrastructure.

  • Open Component browser and select the SC and click on export
  • Select all development components and click on force build.
  • Click on next and do following configuration and press finish.
  • Please Wait until the export is done.

2) How to Import BPM Process/SC?

  • Go to Development Infrastructure-> component browser
  • Right click on Local Development and Import the SC.
  • Click on next button if you are importing existing SC otherwise just press finish.
  • Click next to import SC.
  • Open the imported SC and right click on process to create BPM project.
  • Now open the Process Development perspective to see the imported/created Processes.

3) How to Deploy BPM Process on PO server?

  • Open Process Development perspective and right click on BPM process
  • Click on Deploy it will do both Build and Deploy.
  • Enter the UserName and Password.
  • Open NWA to see the list of deployed process.

NWA->Configuration->Process and Tasks->Process Repository

4) How to Undeploy BPM Process from PO server?

  • Open Deployment perspective and go to Repository Explorer.
  • Right click on BPM process and press “Add to Undeploymet List”.
  • Go to Undeployment list and click on Start.
  • Open NWA to check the status of process.

Note: We can deploy/Undeploy BPM Process using NWDS/PO.

5) Deploy BPM process using PO.

  • Select the version and click on Active Button.

6) Undeploy BPM process using PO.

  • Select the version and click on Deactive All button.

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