Understanding Currency Translation process in SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting


Purpose: Purpose of this blog post is to understand the currency translation process from the Business and from SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting perspective. What will you learn from this blog post? From this blog post, you will be able to understand: Overview of currency Translation from Business process side. How SAP S/4HANA Finance […]

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Embedded EWM – Inbound POSC (Multi-step movements)

EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Master Data

INBOUND POSC (MULTI-STEP MOVEMENT) Purpose The purpose of this article to understand INBOUND POSC and how does it work in EWM. In this blog post I will discuss the configuration and master data settings in EWM for one of the Inbound process consisting of multi-step movements. In this Inbound POSC Scenario we discuss about Deconsolidation/Re-pack […]

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Variant Conditions in Purchasing using reference characteristics

MM (Materials Management), SD (Sales and Distribution)

I had opportunity and privilege to work for an automotive organization which used to manufacture ‘‘Tyres”. Any industry which has variants in their business from Sales, Purchasing and in production heavily depend on characteristics and variants of materials and inevitably ”Variant Configuration” has to be implemented. Though client was not using VC, during our system […]

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Successfactors – How to configure “Thought of the Day” daily morning email notification to all employees

PURPOSE Daily morning a new positive quote will always give a positive vibe to humans which will reflect throughout the day. Here we can use Successfactors as a platform to trigger daily email notification quotes to all users from the list of quotes which is predefined. System can automatically pick daily one Quote from the […]

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Creating Simple Report in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment. Step-by-step guide

SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment is the SAP Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for ABAP development that enables developers to leverage their traditional on-premise ABAP know-how to develop and run ABAP applications in the SAP Cloud Platform, either as extension to SAP software or as standalone applications. Also Read: What is SAP ABAP 7.4 Certification? This blog […]

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Implement ADF: ABAP Daemon Framework

The example below depicts one of the possible use case of abap daemon, with the integration between interface technologies: AIF(Application Interface Framework), IDOC’s, Asynchronous RFC, Business events(workflow) & class events, Report program, email and ABAP Daemon. Disclaimer: In example, no actual document is created but used some dummy number (assuming SAP Document number) to update […]

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