Barcode & RFID Applications for Inventory Management


This blog post outlines the required steps to maintain traceability across the supply chains using Barcode & RFIDs in combination with SAP offerings. Overview Maintaining traceability across the supply chain is critical. In any industry, having precise and real-time information on materials is vital. It provides visibility of the material throughout the supply chain: where […]

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Application Log Enhancements in Project Manufacturing Management and Optimization (PMMO)

ABAP Development

Introduction The Business Application Log (BAL) is a tool widely used by many applications. It offers nice functionality for enhancements and adaptation. For the PMMO application we made extensive use of these capabilities. Transaction SLG1 This is the standard transaction for displaying application logs. For the PMMO application, the following objects are available: PMMO_PEG – […]

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Change to a new Fiscal Year

FIN (Finance), FIN General Ledger, MM (Materials Management), SAP ERP

Fiscal Year Change We live in a dynamic world today that is ever changing. Companies are acquiring other businesses or are being acquired. All of these acquisitions present challenges for all companies involved. One key change that frequently occurs is when the parties involved have different fiscal years. This blog will discuss a change that […]

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