Creating a Sync integration for downloading Open Text Content with REST API from Sap PO, Using API with multipart/form-data authentication

SAP Process Orchestration

Introduction: The purpose of this document is to develop a synchronous interface to download content from Open Text Content Server (OTCS) using REST API. I have tried to cover the overall design with code snippets for reference. Scope: Overall Design: Solution Flow: Rest API consumed from Open Text Content Server (OTCS): In Content-Type: multipart/form-data, credentials […]

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Using Cloud Integration & Open Connector to achieve seamless master data upload to S/4HANA Cloud

SAP Integration Suite, Cloud Integration, SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Introduction Resource utilization is an important aspect of SAP IPAAS (Integration Suite). Since we need to work with a finite amount of processing speed and memory, we need to take this into consideration when developing new interface. Here I will present an alternate way of accomplishing a simple task of master data upload to S/4HANA […]

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SAP Datasphere: On Premise SFTP connectivity

Cloud Integration, SAP Process Integration

Introduction: In this blog post we will be discussing the steps required to setup connectivity between SAP Datasphere (formerly Data Warehouse Cloud) and SFTP data source hosted on-premise. Components involved: The connectivity type used will be ‘Generic SFTP’ and it will support ‘Data flows’. Pre requisites: Step 1: SAP Datashphere environment Collect details of your […]

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