SAP Business Application Studio(BAS) Deploy UI5 Application To Server


SAP Business Application studio is a set of environment developments. It aims to improve time to value of the developers, provide a modern development experience and simple integration with SAP’s services and systems and improve development experience. In BAS, we can develop UI5 Apps, Fiori Element Apps and Mobile Apps. BAS provides pre-configured environments and […]

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Develop & Deploy SAPUI5/Fiori like app using SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) and Troubleshooting

SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, SAP Cloud Platform

In this Post we will cover: Let’s see these activities step by step. 1. Development using on-prem OData service: Click on File->New Project from Template – this is the same option which we used to select while developing application from template in WebIDE. OR Select Fiori Freestyle Project: Select the running environment which you want […]

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Highlights for Sourcing & Procurement in SAP S/4HANA 2020

SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement

In the following blog, I will summarize the highlights that come for the LoB Sourcing & Procurement. For quick access, just click on the below topic areas: Operational Procurement Procurement Analytics Invoice and Payables Management Central Procurement* Sourcing & Contract Management Integration* Operational Procurement Requirements Processing Delivery address and improved message handling in self-service requisitioning […]

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Simulate Integration flow with various types of body files

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, SAP Cloud Platform

Introduction SAP Cloud Platform Integration October 2020 release (3.30.x/6.6.x) provides an extended feature to support simulation of an integration flow with the various types of body files. You can simulate Zip and Tar splitters which require an incoming payload in Zip and Tar format. This blog’s primary focus is to explain how you can simulate […]

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Automate HANA snapshot with google storage snapshot – Manual Point-in-time recovery


This Blog post explains how to automate/integrate HANA snapshot with google cloud storage snapshot. Due to volume data , HANA database size is keep on increasing and traditional online backups i.e. full , differential , incremental takes longer time. Longer running backups use heavy disk io and it impacts HANA operations i.e thread locking , […]

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