Boosting SAP Netweaver Security: A Guide to Integrating SAP Netweaver (ABAP Stack) with IBM Verify

SAP BTP Security, SAP Cloud Identity Services, SAP Identity Management, SAP NetWeaver Application Server

Introduction Effective user provisioning is essential for both organisational security and productivity in the context of digital operations. But controlling user access across many systems can be complicated and difficult at times. This blog article will discuss how IBM Verify SaaS integrates seamlessly with SAP NetWeaver and explain how this works together to improve overall […]

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Custom Fields and Logics – Create and Capturing the Changes into Transport Request

ABAP Extensibility, SAP HANA, SAP HANA service for SAP BTP

Custom fields and logics are strong tools that enable users to modify software systems to meet their unique requirements, increasing efficiency and functionality. Custom fields and logics are frequently implemented using the software system’s administration interfaces or configuration tools. Without needing to know programming, users with the proper permissions can use these interfaces to add, […]

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PM Notification Configuration from DMC to ERP


Introduction: PM Notifications, short for Plant Management Notifications, are essential tools used to identify defects in resources or equipment at any stage of plant operations. These notifications are crucial for maintaining the smooth functioning of a plant by highlighting issues that require attention. Based on the details recorded in these notifications, the corresponding department or […]

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