Configure the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Environment Subaccount with SAP Forms Service by Adobe and Test with Postman

SAP Certification, SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment

Purpose This section shows how to configure the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment subaccount, and the SAP Forms service by Adobe. This service API will be tested with with postman Prerequisites You have a subaccount on SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment and the subaccount has entitlement of service Forms service by Adobe. Procedure Note : […]

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PM/CS: Creating a Configurable General Task List

PLM Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)/Plant Maintenance (PM)

1. Introduction Objective: to create a Configurable General Task List and Configured Equipment that will work in planned and corrective maintenance orders. The basic process is shown below: In this example we will create a task list with selectable operations based on whether the casing of a pump is cast iron, aluminium, or steel. 2. […]

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Robotic Process Automation on Payment processing based on Purchase Order / Invoice number

FIN (Finance)

Background In procurement process in large corporate generally raise a bulk (Monthly/Quarterly/Half yearly/Yearly) Purchase Order (PO) on Vendor/Business partner based on the business Sales plan. Delivery and Invoicing from the supplier can be in multiples. As a business process, payments are processed against a Purchase Order rather on individual deliveries. When a customer is invoiced […]

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