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C_HANADEV_18: How to Ace the SAP HANA Development Exam on Your First Attempt?

Acing the C_HANADEV_18 exam on your first attempt is possible if you follow some proven study tips and practice with practice tests for a better result. Learn more about the C_HANADEV_18 certification through this article.

Overview of the C_HANADEV_18 Certification:

C_HANADEV_18 or the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS06 certification exam confirms that the candidate possesses the knowledge to develop native software applications successfully that run on the SAP HANA Platform.

What Else Is Proved through the C_HANADEV_18 Certification?

This C_HANADEV_18 certification builds on the basic knowledge earned through related SAP HANA training. The training works on the development of tools and language and these tools are used to realize the different parts of a software application in SAP HANA. Once you pass the C_HANADEV_18 exam, you become an SAP-certified associate, and the certification stays valid for 5 years.

What Syllabus Topics Are Covered under the C_HANADEV_18 Certification Exam?

The C_HANADEV_18 certification exam covers the following topics-

  • Use Database Security
  • Manage Source Code Using Git
  • Define Application Security
  • Create and Integrate the UI
  • Create the Persistence Data Model
  • Use Calculation Views
  • Expose Data as OData Services
  • Develop a Multi-Target Application
  • SQLScript Development

Practical Tips to Pass the C_HANADEV_18 Exam:

Proceed with Proper Planning:

Exam preparation without proper planning could waste your time in the long run, and you might need more time than usual. Therefore, as the C_HANADEV_18 aspirant, the first step you must take is getting the registration done. You would require to fix an exam date once you take the registration; this will help you to set a routine within the time you have. Take enough time for at least two to three months would help a candidate get ready easily.

Prepare the C_HANADEV_18 Syllabus Rigorously:

Your success in the C_HANADEV_18 exam is highly dependent on your knowledge of the syllabus sections. SAP keeps the syllabus weightage distribution almost equal for all the sections. Therefore, all the syllabus domains become essential to attain a  good score in the exam. So keep on learning the syllabus topics from the core.

Devote a Few Hours for Daily Study:

Following a routine helps to keep yourself organized throughout the preparation. Set your study time and devote at least two-three hours for easy execution of the preparation. Find out the most productive hours from your daily routine, and use these hours in a distraction-free manner for exam preparation.

Recall the Topic with Ease through Writing Practice:

You might be very good at studying or grasping the C_HANADEV_18 syllabus topics from the core. But, the thing that decides your success is your recalling power. Once you take the actual exam, you need to recall the complete syllabus in one go. This might feel like a tricky task, but the situation becomes easy with writing practice. When you complete a topic, you can make notes and keep these notes in an indexed pattern to revise quickly.

Boost Your Confidence through C_HANADEV_18 Practice Tests:

Only studying and knowing the exam structure is not enough; getting familiar with the exam pattern helps a lot to take the exam on time. Regular evaluation will help to determine if you are ready to take the C_HANADEV_18 exam. Therefore, cover the syllabus topics and enroll for C_HANADEV_18 practice test sessions to get insights into your preparation level.

Practice tests help give you the real exam experience and make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Dumps are another option to prepare for the C_HANADEV_18 exam, but you will miss out on the self-evaluation process. Therefore, stick to practice tests and become a pro with time management till the actual exam day.

How Does the C_HANADEV_18 Certification Benefit the Aspirant?

Gaining the C_HANADEV_18 certification means you become skilled with the knowledge of SAP HANA Development. Therefore, earning the certification definitely empowers you to become eligible for a better job. But, what you gain more is the knowledge of using SAP HANA for your business.

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Here Are the Benefits:

Manage the Total Data:

SAP for businesses possesses a whole host of database management solutions. These solutions are designed to simplify the entire IT situation. With SAP HANA database administration, all the data from your SAP ERP is constantly checked and optimized to ensure it’s security and continuous availability.

Get Higher Speed:

As SAP HANA stores and pulls data from RAM rather than hard storage, it can resolve issues in under one second, even in large-scale applications. It helps for vastly superior user experience, generating the virtualization of real-time data, all at the drop of a hat.

Better Scalability:

If your business is growing, your data storage, access, and processing possibilities must also scale. Therefore, one of the major things of SAP HANA’s advantage is the ability to easily scale based on concurrent users and associated data volume across network conditions. That means all of the data models can grow with you without doing worry about any slowdown.

Consistent Efficiency:

The data compression is highly advanced, and a columnar storage format allows SAP HANA to offer a very cost-effective method to manage large data sets. It also confirms no data is duplicated and data silos are reduced, further contributing to persistent optimal performance.

Impressive Power:

Massively parallel processing (MPP) SAP HANA can quickly query large sets of data. The solution is capable of storing and rapidly performing processing tasks for multiple data types like graphs and documents.

Get Amazing Flexibility:

Deploying multiple, on-premise, public or private cloud platforms is easy now, as there’s not a fraction of functionality lost. SAP HANA offers you multiple deployment options so that you can adapt to any situation or data challenge your business faces.

Bottom Line:

Certifications boost your knowledge regarding a specific solution and make you eligible for potential employers. Therefore, grab the C_HANADEV_18 certificate to prove your SAP HANA knowledge and take your career to a new level.