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C_SAC_2120 Certification: Top 5 Study Tips to Ace the SAP Analytics Cloud Exam

A study guide could help to ace the C_SAC_2120, SAP Analytics Cloud exam in no time. Go through this article to explore the most beneficial tips that would help to crack the 80 questions long exam and become an SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud certification holder.

Overview of the C_SAC_2120 Certification:

C_SAC_2120, or the SAP Analytics Cloud certification exam, proves that the candidate possesses the core and fundamental knowledge regarding the subject matters and can work on the profile of a consultant. The C_SAC_2120 certification also confirms that the candidate is ready to work within a project team under any senior SAP consultant’s guidance.

Can Anyone Take the C_SAC_2120 Exam?

The C_SAC_2120 exam is associate-level; thus, it is open to any candidate who wants to pursue the SAP Analytics Cloud career.

Details of the C_SAC_2120 Exam:

The C_SAC_2120 exam is an associate-level certification from SAP. The aspirants get 180 minutes to take the 80 questions long exam, and they should obtain a 57% mark to pass the exam. Passing the exam earns you SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud certification.

Topics Covered under the C_SAC_2120 Syllabus:

The C_SAC_2120 exam covers the following topics-

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Administration, Connections and Integration
  • Overview and Core Functionality
  • Predictive Analytics
  • The C_SAC_2120 exam deals with the following topics-
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer and Microsoft Office Integration
  • Data Preparation: Data Model
  • Business Intelligence
  • Content presentation, Sharing, Collaboration

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Top Study Tips to Pass the C_SAC_2120 Exam:

1. Explore the Syllabus Topics:

The C_SAC_2120 aspirant must visit the official website and learn about the percentage distribution regarding the syllabus topics. SAP exams usually distribute the weightage in an equal base. Therefore, a strong need to pay attention to every syllabus section becomes essential. If you are well knowledgeable about the syllabus topics, that helps in answering the questions seamlessly.

2. Chalk Out A Schedule:

Chalk out the best suitable plan according to your productive hours. You might be a student or into a job already; make a hassle-free schedule depending on your current scenario. Take enough time of about two to three months and balance preparation and regular works.

3. Work Smart During Study Hours:

Some people get nervous during exam preparations. It is a fear within many candidates that they need to study for the whole day or for 5-6 hours daily. But, if a candidate devotes 1 to 2 hours daily with a serious approach, passing the exam could become easier.

Before you sit for studying, make a plan for what you want to cover on a particular day. This would save you from confusion, and you would be able to focus and cover more within two to three hours. Writing habits will be a bonus to your preparation level. Reading a topic and making notes out of it helps in memorizing the topics for longer. Therefore, syllabus completion becomes easier if the candidate works smarter.

4. Learn from the C_SAC_2120 Training:

You might be a self-learner or get theoretical knowledge from coaching, but learning from the SAP training is vital to enhance practical knowledge regarding the subject topics.

5. Track Your Preparation through C_SAC_2120 Practice Test:

Are you confident regarding all syllabus sections? Keep track of your weaknesses and strengths through online C_SAC_2120 practice tests. Make yourself exam-ready with these real-time practice questions. Take the guidance from the result section, and work more on the weaker topics to boost your confidence during the actual exam.

Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud:

SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution that helps to get all the cloud analytics features you need. These are predictive analytics, business intelligence (BI), augmented analytics,  and enterprise planning.

What Are the Benefits of Using SAP Analytics Cloud?

Make Decision-Making Simpler:

Gear up everyone, even untrained nontechnical businesspersons. Introduce them to machine-generated analytics and insights without needing them to look for it.

Improve Conversational Analytics:

Get instant answers when you conversationally ask questions. Get data visualizations and explanations with natural language processing and generation method.

Enjoy Automated Machine Learning:

Learn machine learning algorithms to automatically reveal relationships, hidden patterns, and outliers in your data and go from insight to action faster.

Use Predictive Analytics:

Predict potential outcomes and make forecasts at the push of a button without having data science skills to free up data scientists for higher-value activities.

Bottom Line:

If you are keen to make an associate-level SAP career, the C_SAC_2120 certification could be of great help. Everything surrounds the cloud these days; therefore, learning SAP Analytics Cloud could be a great career booster.