SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded Edition Best Practices & Sample Scripts for Administration

SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud

This is an essential article for anyone planning to use the Embedded Edition of SAP Analytics Cloud. The Embedded Edition is a slimline version of the regular Enterprise Edition meaning the only connectivity is ‘live’ and only to SAP HANA on SAP Cloud Platform. I describe several other important differences between the two editions and […]

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Translation of SAP Analytics cloud content in multiple language

SAP Analytics Cloud

Customers want to localize their SAC content into multiple language to make them available to their users in their preferred languages. SAC support translation of Story, analytic application, model, and public dimension. General lifecycle of the story which needs to undergo translation Bulk Translation using translation tool Bigger organizations already have some translation tool in […]

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Creating a basic Data Mart based on a classic star schema with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud

Introduction: One of the purposes of cloud software is to simplify, empower and enable all non-IT users with all about the benefits of corporate software investments, focusing on the “functional aspect” rather than all the challenges involved through new software implementation. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud continues using classic “measures and dimensions” concepts as the foundation […]

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