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SF response against COVID-19

When the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic then i thought of giving importance to my precious global clients and put forward a concept by which they can relate and care about the most valuable asset (Human Capital) in this difficult time.

With my slim knowledge in EC, i am trying to explain here – how SuccessFactors solution can help Organization’s HR admins to delicate their social responsibility by identifying threat and report to leadership/local/federal government. Moreover, with the help of this arrangement organizations’ HR admin can robustly look after their true assets at right time.

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SF admin will record those employees data in SF who suffered from COVID19 or equivalent pandemic/epidemic and filling employee data functionality will be limited with relevant admin only so that employees data privacy can be maintained.


As per the approach explained in previous slide- we first need to implement the solution to make operational by SF admin but to make things easier from end user side, i thought of showing the functionality first (how COVID-19 affected employees can be captured in the existing SF system and report accordingly) despite showing technical implementation part.

All exposed fields in this demo are customization based on the requirement, as of now please consider the publicized fields as demo purpose only.

Solution demo (relevant for end user/SF admin)

Record the Risk

HR admin navigates employee’s SuccessFactors profile and click on “Manage Employee Health” Portlet

Admin clicks on Edit (Pencil) button and fill all necessary details as below.

Once admin fill out all req detail then it will appear as below on particular employee’s people profile screen. In our scenario all information is visible to admin only; however if required, we can provide the permission to employees to fill their own data and see (if really needed).

Capture Risk in SF Report

Admin can fetch all affected employees’ report as below. We can also schedule this report so that daily /periodic status can be publicized.

Solution implementation approach (relevant for SF consultant)

Lesson learnt – While developing this solution i also learnt how to create new object in EC and provide appropriate permission for other stakeholders like users/admin etc.

Challenge faced – I remember that Object (COVID-19) was configured and reflected properly and as an admin, i was also able to fill all configured fields but when i tried to fetch the report then i found that MDF object was not sync under Advanced reporting in my demo system and manual sync was also not available so i tried to built report via integration center successfully.

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