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Purchase Leave configuration in SuccessFactors Time Off:

Purchase Leave configuration in SuccessFactors Time Off:

In this blog I am going to discuss the required configuration for this functionality.

Prerequisites: To start the configuration some permission needs to be granted. Detail of the permission is below.

Step 1: Create relevant Time Type through “Manage Data”.

Step 2: Create relevant Pay Component through “Manage Organisation, Pay and Job Structures”. When someone purchase leave then recurring deduction would be created. For the pay component we have to select correct frequency (TDP).

Step 3: Create Purchase Leave Rule (If Applicable). This rule is used to add validation during the Leave purchase application. In the sample rule we are restricting user to purchase maximum 12 days leave.

Step 4: Create Time Account Purchase Profile through “Manage Data”

Step 5: Create Time Account Type & assign it to the Time Type (Step 1) through “Manage Data”

Step 6: Update Time Profile through “Manage Data”.

Step 7: Provide required permissions. Relevant permissions are below. The access needs to assigned based on business requirement to the relevant role for ESS, Time Admin, MSS.

All Set. Let’s Test it.

Based on the configuration/RBP “Purchase Time” appears in the Time off UI.

After clicking the “Purchase Time” link, the below screen appears.

Employee Clicks Create “Purchase Time Request”.

Employee tries to purchase 13 days leave & system gives error as per business rule.

Correct data is provided for Leave Purchase

Time Account is created

Employee can apply leave.

Recurring Deduction is also created with the detail.

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