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SAP S/4HANA Supplier Evaluation Steps

In this blog will see some of the important things about Supplier Evaluation

▶ With Supplier Evaluation, you can continuously analyze your suppliers.

▶ It allows you to evaluate and monitor the performance of your suppliers based on automated, and real-time calculation of business documents in your operational procurement and manual questionnaires.

▶ With Supplier Evaluation, SAP S/4HANA offers supplier scores based on hard-facts (for example, automatically detected criteria, such as on-time delivery), as well as regular evaluations and soft-facts.

Evaluation can be done in 2 methods

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By Purchasing Category or Based on logistics Information System (old method)

Configuration Steps

▶ If you want to use the supplier evaluation by purchasing category, you have to activate this function in Customizing under IMG → Materials Management → Purchasing → Supplier Evaluation → Supplier Evaluation by Purchasing Category → Switch to Supplier evaluation By Purchasing Category.

List of Apps Required

  1. Manage Purchasing Categories
  2. Supplier Evaluation Weighting and Scoring.
  3. Supplier Evaluation by Quality – Inspection Lot.
  4. Adjust Operational Supplier Evaluation Score.
  5. Manage Questions – Evaluation.
  6. Manage Templates – Evaluation app.
  7. Evaluate Suppliers app.
  8. Display Scorecards – Evaluation Questionnaire
  9. Monitor Responses – Evaluation

And roles required








in the backend system for S/4HANA only 

Employee Procurement 



in the backend system for S/4HANA only 


1. Open Manage Purchasing Categories

2. Choose Create.

3. In the General section, make the following entries:

– Name : enter a name for the purchasing category, e.g. Test_PurchasingCategory

– Purchaser Responsible : User ID

Assign Suppliers

4. In the Suppliers section, choose Add Supplier
5. And add required suppliers which you want to evaluate

Assign Team Employees

6. In the Team section, Choose Add Employee, In the search help Add Employee, choose Go.

7. In the search result list, select an employee and choose OK.

Assign Material Groups

8. In the Material Groups section, choose Add Material Groups and enter following data in the dialogue box :

9. Material Group ID: Choose as per requirement GO button.

10. Choose Save.

Open Supplier Evaluation Weighting and Scoring

1. Create new weighting and scoring, Choose Add to add new weighting and scoring for a specific purchasing category

In the GENERAL INFORMATION section, enter the following information:

Purchasing Category: <select a purchasing category from the dropdown list.

In the CRITERION section, check all the check box in the column Active, then enter the weighting value below:

Inspection Lot: <For example, 10%>

Quantity: <For example, 20%>

Time: <For example, 20%>

Price: <For example, 20%>

Questionnaire: <For example, 20%>

Quality Notification: <For example, 10%>

Adjust Quantity Scoring data

Select the entry Quantity.

Choose the field Quantity. Choose Edit.

Adjust the value of the Variance Percentage and Variance Score if necessary.

Save the data.

Open Manage Questions – Evaluation.

Go to the tab Sections and Select New to create several sections.

Enter the Section Details (at least the mandatory fields).

For easy identification purpose given both same values

Save the entries.

No Go to the tab Questions. And Select New to create several questions. Create at least one question for each question type.

They are 4 type of questions we can create as per requirement.

I select Yes / No with is easy

Enter the Question Details. Ensure that some questions allow attachments and/or comments.

I have maintained Question Ariba and going to ask Supplier that whether he is using Ariba network or not along with that I have enabled comments to he can say version and any other if required

Score selected as Yes as correct answer

Choose Save.

Manage Questionnaires – Evaluation app.

Select Create.

Maintain new questionnaire by entering at least a questionnaire name, external name, sections and questions. Assign purchasing categories by choosing one of purchasing category from the dropdown list, then choose Add

Several purchasing categories can be assigned. Not only one

Now go to Questions tab and need to maintain overall target score & overall minimum score

To decide Pass or fail

Search for your previously created sections and questions.

Add questions of all types. Mark some questions as mandatory. For questions of type Yes/No, mark some of them as disqualifying and enter weighting factors.

If you have created questions of type Single Answer, maintain the scores and weighting factors.

Go to Language for external questionnaire Name and maintain previously created Question Name which you maintained in Basic Data Tab

Save the entries. & Select Release.

Manage Templates – Evaluation app

Choose Create button. Maintain the new group-based evaluation template by entering at least a name, an external name, an appraiser (for example: employee_procurement) and a supplier and by assigning your previously created evaluation questionnaire.

Go to Appraiser Tab Ensure that you add an appraiser for which you have a user with a maintained e-mail address.

Go to Supplier Peer group and select Suppliers for whom this template need to be assigned

Go to Questionnaire Tab. And add score information and at least one questionnaire created previously.

Go to Communication with Appraisers tab and maintain template name

Save the entries. And Choose the Release button to release the group-based evaluation template.

After released Choose Start Group-Based Evaluation.

Maintain the group-based evaluation request by entering at least an Evaluation Request Name and a Period to Be Evaluated.

Choose Submit Evaluation Request.

Evaluate Suppliers app.

Select the corresponding evaluation response with status New which has the same name as your group-based evaluation request.

Answer the questions.

This is how question paper looks once all the above steps done properly means

Once Answered all the questions Save your changes and Choose Submit.

That’s it completed Passed

Open Display Scorecards – Evaluation Questionnaires app.

Find the corresponding group-based evaluation response in the list and check the status.

Drill down into details of sections and questions.

Open Supplier Evolution by Questionnaire App it’s a Report

We can see beauty of Fiori Analytical reports as below

In this way, we can evaluate suppliers without any business use or copy of data

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