Design and Develop Extensions on SAP Service Cloud Version 2 Using SAP AppGyver

SAP Service Cloud, SAP AppGyver, SAP Sales Cloud

What is SAP AppGyver application development? SAP AppGyver is a no-code development environment that provides users with the ability to build business applications without the need for pro-code development knowledge. SAP AppGyver helps professional and citizen developers build and deliver applications quickly. SAP AppGyver provides a no-code application composition tool empowering non-developers to create complete […]

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Microsoft Teams Integration with SAP Cloud for Customer – Sharing Workspaces and Deal Rooms

SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, C4C Sales

This blog post provides an overview of few interesting and key integration features between SAP Sales and Service Cloud and Microsoft Teams. These features help Sales Team for better prioritization and simplified and seamless collaboration. The features are: Sharing of workspaces – Business users can share any working area of SAP C4C via MS Teams. […]

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Microsoft Teams Integration with SAP Sales Cloud (C4C)

SAP Sales Cloud

With the new 2108 release, Business Collaboration is now simplified with the Integration of Microsoft Teams and SAP Sales Cloud(C4C). This integration caters to the following business values: An embedded in-app integration of SAP Sales Cloud with Microsoft Teams to enhance workspace productivity for their users. Eases collaboration of objects like leads, opportunities, tickets. Simplifies […]

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