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C_GRCAC_12 Certification: Reveal the Secret to Obtain It

A planned study guide is a tool to ace the C_GRCAC_12 exam in no time. Many candidates plan to take the SAP exam, but they fail to get success due to a lack of proven resources. So, discover the resources like a study guide, sample questions, and practice test to ace the exam.

What Is Proved through the C_GRCAC_12 Certification?  

  • The C_GRCAC_12, or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Access Control 12.0 certification exam for essentials edition, proves that the candidate has core knowledge in the SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance line of business area needed to work as a consultant.
  • The C_GRCAC_12 certification also proves that the candidate has an overall knowledge and in‐depth technical skills to join as a member of an SAP Access Control implementation project with a focus on SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance with a mentor’s guidance.

What Is the Level of the C_GRCAC_12 Certification?

This C_GRCAC_12 exam is suggested as an entry-level qualification. So, any candidate wanting to make an SAP career can take this exam.

What Are The Syllabus Topics Covered under the C_GRCAC_12 Exam?

The exam deals with topics like-

  • Periodic Review
  • Business Rule Framework
  • Business Role Management
  • Integration Framework
  • Emergency Access Management
  • Access Risk Management
  • User Provisioning
  • MSMP Workflow
  • GRC Configuration Settings

What Is the C_GRCAC_12 Exam Structure?

The C_GRCAC_12 exam is a 180 minutes long, multiple-choice exam. The exam asks 80 questions, and you need to get a 61% mark to pass the exam. Passing the exam leads you to become SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Access Control 12.0.

Some Useful Preparation Tips to Pass the C_GRCAC_12 Exam:

Register and Start Your C_GRCAC_12 Preparation:

Pearson Vue administers the C_GRCAC_12 exam. Begin with the registration process to plan your preparation smoothly. Once you finalize the exam date with registration, you can plan the rest of the time successfully.

Be Confident about the C_GRCAC_12 Syllabus Topics:

You must be confident about the C_GRCAC_12 syllabus topics. The success in the C_GRCAC_12 exam success depends on covering the syllabus topics thoroughly. Attempting the C_GRCAC_12 exam questions solely depends on your knowledge about the syllabus areas. The more you are familiar with the syllabus, the more questions you can attempt. The SAP exam syllabus is primarily equal percentage-based, so try to cover all the sections to attempt the maximum number of exam hall questions.

A Study schedule Is Essential:

A candidate must make a realistic daily schedule to ace the C_GRCAC_12 exam. Many people decide to study for 5-6 hours for fewer days, but the plan does not work most of the time. So, it is better to study daily for at least two hours and cover up the syllabus in small portions. Target more time on the topics you find hard and make short notes out of the topics. Make a target to cover at least two three topics daily, and try to stick to your plan.

Join SAP Training:

SAP training could be essential for your success. You can gain experience from the training and learn valuable insights from the SAP trainer.

Depending On the C_GRCAC_12 Practice Test Is Beneficial:

Practicing online is really crucial to get success in the C_GRCAC_12 exam. You may be great at grasping the syllabus, and you may devote multiple hours to study. But if you don’t assess yourself, facing the exam could feel difficult. Online C_GRCAC_12 practice tests are compulsory to boost your confidence. You can get the real exam-taking experience through the C_GRCAC_12 tests; therefore, a candidate should focus on only practicing during his initial practice attempts. He must not worry about the score then. A candidate should follow the result section to know about his mistakes and focus more on those sections to score well. The main focus of practice tests is to help the candidate take the exam on time and get familiar with the exam.

What Is SAP Business Objects & What Are the Benefits of Using It?

SAP Business Objects solution allows users to access, format, navigate, analyze,  and share information across the organization. This method comprises reporting, query and analysis, dashboards and visualization, and the BI platform, including search processes.

E_S4HCON2022 Exam Is the Key to Become An SAP Certified Specialist

With SAP Business Objects business objects solutions, you have at your disposal industry-leading and historically proven user-friendly applications that help a candidate your Enterprise Reporting demands. Whether your demands are report formatting, ad-hoc query, and analysis on relational or multidimensional data sources, or data visualizations, SAP Business Objects solution provides a single BI platform that enables your business users to make effective data-centric business decisions.

Bottom Line:

Every SAP exam opens a new domain and new solution to the candidate. If you are a fresher or inexperienced candidate and want to use SAP Business Objects in your career, go for the C_GRCAC_12 exam.

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