SAP Profitability and Performance Management

SAP Profitability and Performance Management What’s inside Visual Modeler SP18 SAP Note 3192516

Approaching halfway through Calendar Year 2022 SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 already releases support package (SP18) with exciting enhancements and features.

While the first SAP Note piqued your curiosity, the current SAP Note version will pique your interest even more as it contains exciting enhancements and new features. As I walk you through the new information offered for this Visual Modeler SAP Note 3192516 – FS-PER Rel. 3.0 SP18: Visual Modeler Screens Enhancements and Fixes (02), let’s have a look at it.

Environment Screen

  • Newly created Environment show ‘0’ count in History Version and Reports

When the environment is newly created or copied it will now show a ‘0’ count in History version and Reports

  • Focus on newly created environment

A newly created environment is now being focused on and highlighted

  • Validation for Duplicate Node ID

Validation of Environment ID when creating a node is now enhanced so that duplication is not possible.

  • History Version search boxThe search criteria in the Modeling Environment have been improved. When you select History Version or Reports, the searched criteria from the Search in Header will no longer be shown
  • Search in History Version

When searching in History Version it will show the correct count that matches the search box, and it will highlight the text that matches


  • Tooltip for activating editable QueryWhen user link a Query function to a Processing function and set the query to Editable, the Activate button is disabled and a tool hint appears
  • Erase Data button for Model Table

Erase button is now enabled for both Transport Data set to ‘Yes’ and ‘No’

  • Model Table Show button tooltip

When a user wanted to see the data inside a Model Table before, they had to click a button with the Tooltip of Show. Because the data in the Show screen can be edited, the tool tip has been changed to ‘Edit’ to advise users that the data in the Show screen can be edited/updated.

  • Adding same value in Fields and Description is now possible

Adding of equal string in Fields and Description is now possible

  • Adding Master Data to STRG, TIMS and DATS is not possibleBecause the user cannot set master data for some fields, in this SAP note the master data and hierarchy option are hidden in the Properties panel for fields STRG, TIMS, and DATS
  • Validation for HANA SQL reserve words

Validation for reserve words is now implemented to avoid conflicts within formula and generated stored procedures in adding fields.

  • Adding Checks node From General entity to Functions Check nodeThere are now multiple ways on how user can add the Check node in General entity to Function check node, which are:
    • Copy Paste
    • CTRL + DRAG
  • Checks description is now the same in Checks node and in functions checks

When Checks are added to the functions users can see the check description/message text but after refreshing it changes back to check ID. Now it is enhanced to show the Check description/message text to avoid confusion.

  • Adding value in Partitioning Range

If the field added in Partitioning has a master data it will only accept Low Value data that is in master data

  • Lowercase text in Partitioning Range

Lowercase text or combination of uppercase and lowercase text can be added in Low Value if the field selected in partitioning does not have master data

  • Adding activity node inside another activity nodeAdding of different activity nodes inside of an Activity node is now enhanced.
  • Connecting other Activity Templates to Activity NodeUsers can now link other Activity Templates to Activity nodes.
  • Linking activity from one node to anotherLinking of different activity nodes inside of Activity node to another node inside/outside of an activity node is now possible.
  • Saving of Data in Data EditorThe ability to save data in the Model Table Data Editor in properties panel has been enhanced, and newly inserted data will remain intact after saving and refreshing the modeling page.
  • Model Table Progress barThe progress indicator in the Model Table data editor when downloading a file has been enhanced, and it now shows 100% after the file has been completely downloaded.
  • Time picker for TIMS Data type

Time picker is now available when adding or selecting time for TIMS data type.

  • Allocation Inputs node

Reference input is now removed in Allocation function and the only input that can be seen is the Sender and Receiver.

  • Saving of Fields in Offset MappingWhen it comes to the Allocation function, Offset Mapping comes in handy. As a result, it has been improved to ensure that the mapping is still intact once it has been saved and even after the screen has been refreshed.
  • Autolink of functions

Addition of function in between of two functions with relationship will provide an auto linking mechanism to the previous and succeeding functions. In addition, the user can delete the function in the middle and keep the link for the functions that pass through it.

  • Join Predicate linking enhancements

Enhancement done is to disallow creation of join predicate from Cross Join rule to From rule since join predicate is not necessary.

  • Saving Iterative View w/o Iteration TypeUsers cannot save the function without selecting an Iteration Type to avoid the Iteration Type being left blank.
  • WBC Additional column enhancement

An additional column appears when user adds all types of KF fields in Signature of Workbook Calculation. In this SAP note this is already enhanced, and no additional column is added.

  • Editing Sheet Chart Type

By pressing F2, the user is now able to edit or add anything on the selected cell.

  • Dropdown menu to input function

A new dropdown for input function is now available on data inspector when inspecting function inputs

  • Drop down option in Result Model Table

Previously once model table was added in the Result Model Table, the way to remove it is by clicking the same model table. Now a new selection “No Result” is available.

  • Relationship Arrow when copying Description node with function inside.

When copying a Description Node with Model Table and Function inside that is connected it shows a double relationship arrow. In this SAP note this has been enhanced and it will only show one relationship arrow.

  • Filter palette according to selected node

Palette is now being filtered based on a selected node – both for collapsed and expanded node.

  • Palette state after removing Node in diagram

Deleting nodes on modeling diagram will set palette to default state and show all nodes.


  • Waterfall Chart type is introduced
  • Waterfall chart type is now available.
  • Calculated Measures and Calculated DimensionsWhen new fields are defined in Calculation, these fields will be visible in Calculated Measures and Calculated Dimensions. The value also shows the same as the user added in Calculated Measures and Calculated Dimensions whether user entered it with all uppercase, lowercase or combination of both.
  • Visualize Undo/Redo button

After adding Annotation Undo and Redo button doesn’t work, in this SAP note this is enhanced to enable the buttons after adding and updating the Annotation.

Report Management

  • Refresh button in Report ManagementThis sap notes offers enhancement for in app and browser refresh feature where changes/updates done remains intact after save and refresh.

There you have it: the most recent enhancements and new features that will be available once this SAP Note is implemented in your system.