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C_CPI_14: How to Get the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certification?

A candidate must explore different C_CPI_14 sample questions and practice tests to succeed in the exam and grab the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Integration Suite certification.

Overview of the C_CPI_14 Certification:

SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Integration Suite or the C_CPI_14 certification exam proves the candidate’s basic and core-level knowledge that helps to work on the SAP Integration Suite profile.

The C_CPI_14 certification also confirms that the candidate possesses an overall understanding and in‐depth technical knowledge to join as a project team member under the senior consultant’s guidance. The C_CPI_14 certification focuses on the basic knowledge earned through related SAP training.

What Topics Do You Need to Study During the C_CPI_14 Exam Preparation?

The C_CPI_14 exam covers the following topics-

  • Consume and Process APIs
  • API Provisioning
  • Integration Advisor capability within SAP Integration Suite
  • Model Extensions
  • Fundamentals

Preparation Tips:

Stay Determined to Take the Exam:

The aspirant does not need to prove to anyone that he is going to take the C_CPI_14 exam. But once he registers for the exam, this is for his tracking of the exam date and exact period to take the exam. Be sure about the day of the exam and make your preparation process easier.

Get Valuable Details from the Official Website:

The C_CPI_14 aspirant must visit the official website to get ready for the exam. Visiting the official page gives you an idea about the actual exam structure, and you can get an idea about the valuable online study resources from the official page. Get an idea about the percentage distribution of the syllabus topics and set your routine that helps in syllabus completion.

Keep Enough Time to Get Ready for the C_CPI_14 Exam:

Rushing for any exam could land you in trouble. Though the C_CPI_14 exam is of associate level, serious preparation is still needed with ample time. If the candidate takes two to three months in preparation, they can easily manage their current work role and preparation. Therefore, do not rush to take the exam and make an effective plan to cover the syllabus topics smoothly.

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Enhance Your Knowledge with the C_CPI_14 Syllabus:

You might be a slow learner or fast; whatever your knowledge level is, you need to complete the syllabus topics. Studying for the whole day is not necessary; if you make an organized plan and focus for only two hours daily, you could expect to cover the syllabus within a specific time.

Make Your Study Time Productive:

Don’t waste your time by thinking about what you want to study, just before studying. Rather make a chart, mention your daily targeted topics and try to learn them from the core. Make your study and learning productive by making notes, and enhancing your memory power.

Learn Practically from the Experts through SAP C_CPI_14 Training:

The aspirant could study well and get ready theoretically, but getting practical knowledge is highly linked to SAP C_CPI_14 training. Therefore, join the training session and boost your knowledge regarding practical matters too.

Join Online Forums:

Going solo and studying alone could feel boring sometimes.

Joining online forums could help you in this regard. You can get a study partner or get valuable insights from successful candidates. Joining SAP C_CPI_14 exam-related groups would give you the chance to share your knowledge and gain knowledge from others too.

Keep Assessing Your Preparation Level:

Only earning knowledge is not enough; a candidate must earn clarity on his preparation and keep assessing themselves through SAP C_CPI_14 practice tests. These practice tests would provide valuable insights regarding the sections the candidate lacks. Industry experts mostly design these tests; therefore, taking exams would help you experience the actual exam. Get familiar with managing time and improve your score through continuous practice.

Learn More about SAP Cloud Platform:

SCP or the SAP Cloud Platform is a cloud corporate platform created by SAP SE. The solution is based on PaaS Model (Platform as a Service). SAP Cloud Platform comprises multiple services, API and development, and integration tools that integrate, create, and enhance applications without extra costs on deployment and maintaining the internal IT infrastructure.

SCP allows services for mobile devices, Big Data services, Machine Learning, Internet-of-Things, and other innovative technologies to make business applications.

SCP is used in two diverse situations. Neo and Cloud Foundry. A set of relevant SCP components and services determines the choice of a particular situation.

Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform:

  • Get Central access point with SAP SCP to content and applications, regardless of the customer’s device.
  • The solution allows the development of cloud portals for employees, customers, and partners.
  • Use both SCP-based services as well as business applications and custom solutions.
  • SAP SCP helps in the development of websites, using a personalized user interface.
  • Get structured and safe user access based on roles, modern standards, and means of safe communication.
  • Integration of SAP and external suppliers’ applications in a single interface.

Bottom Line:

Getting any associate-level certification means, you are getting one step closer to learning a new dimension of SAP certification and making your chance to get a better career. Get the C_CPI_14 certification and get the scope to work with SAP Cloud Platform.