SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 2.0​ What’s new 2205

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2205 release available, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for you but first an announcement:

Announcement- the Regular Maintenance Window (RMW) for IRPA will be reduced

On June 1st 2022, the Regular Maintenance Window (RMW) for Intelligent RPA will be reduced from three hours to two hours.

Release Agenda – What’s new 2205

Introduction SAP Process Automation ​

  • Tenant configuration and migration

Cloud Components

Cloud Studio

  • Cross technology recorder enhancement​
  • Web recorder for Success Factors and Ariba ​
  • Enhanced Document Extraction capabilities ​
  • Automation authoring experience improvements ​
  • New dynamic input for Excel Cloud Link activity

Cloud Factory

  • ​Execution log display in job monitoring ​

SDK packages

  • New File System activities​
  • New File Transfer Protocol activities​
  • New activity to trigger DOM event​
  • New PDF Split activities

SAP Process Automation

Accelerated time to value with low-code/no-code

​Unified offering across app development, process automation, and digital experience

Introducing SAP Process Automation ​

Capabilities: citizen automation for line-of-business builders

  • New citizen automation user experience (process builder, forms builder)​
  • All advanced workflow management capabilities available (rules, process visibility, process flexibility, AI)​
  • Embedded RPA capabilities to readily combine bot automations with workflows ​
  • Content and reusable artifacts (such as bots, workflow components, process steps, actions)​
  • Unified launchpad and task center for citizen developer applications and automations

Intelligent RPA Project and Import into SPA

Export from Intelligent RPA tenant​​

  • Only projects created in Cloud Studio (no V1 packages)​​
  • No project containing process​es artifacts​
  • Same size and expiration limits as for other exports​​

Import in SPA Tenant​​

  • The imported project​ is editable​
  • Multiple imports of an exported project will generate multiple identical projects​
  • Import won’t include dependencies​​​

Zip Archive​ will contain new information for the source and target landscape​

Cloud Components

Cross technology recording enhancement​

Enhanced recording experience by enabling you to record applications with a combination of screens on SAP GUI for Windows and UI Automation technologies

The recorder can start recording from SAP LogOn Page as UI Automation technology and sub-sequent pages could still be recorded as SAP Win GUI technology pages

Enhanced capabilities of Web Recorder – SAP Ariba

Reduce time considerably when automating processes on SAP Ariba using the Web Recorder​

Bot generation from screen recorder​

  • Underlying metadata is automatically captured and declared ​
  • Workflow is built with activities’ parameters setautomatically

Recorder support for SAP SuccessFactors

Reduce time considerably when automating processes on SAP SuccessFactors using the Web Recorder

Artifacts generation from screen recorder

  • Application Framework will be shown as WEB
  • Screen and elements Framework will be SuccessFactor

Workflow automatically built with 2 main activities

  • SuccessFactorsRecorder Set
  • SuccessFactorsRecorder Click

Enhanced Document Extraction capabilities

1) Improved productivity at design time when extracting data from documents with the same schema but different templates

  • Extract data using a template automatically detected at runtime with the new extract data using template activity
  • The Extract data using a template activity has been deprecated in 2206 and we recommend you to replace it with the new Extract data using a template containing the option to automatically detect templates

2) Creation of document template artifact improved by choosing the template you wish to reuse and then naming the newly created artifact from the selected template

Automation authoring experience improvements

Set Sheet name as dynamic input in Excel Link activity

New input parameter to set the Excel Worksheet Name as a variable when used at Runtime

New sub-headers to better organize the different categories of parameters

  • Used at Design time
  • Used during Execution
  • Excel Data to map

Execution logs display for job Monitoring

Improvements done to help you better monitor jobs that are executed in production when you do not have traces activated or if the job is successfully executed

New tab inside the job detail page to display the output of Log Message activity executed during your automation

  • Only if the severity is set to Error or Warning at design time
  • Regardless of the execution’s status
  • No trigger configuration required
  • No expiration date
  • Additional details such as step id, timestamps, etc…

SDK Improvements

New PDF Split activities in PDF SDK

Use the Split PDF activities to split large PDF documents containing multiple pages into multiple documents

  • Split PDF every X Pages will generate PDF documents after splitting the initial PDF by the number (X) set as input
  • Split PDF by Field value will generate PDF documents after splitting the initial PDF by inputting the text before and after

​New File System and FTP activities in Core SDK

New activity in Core SDK to generate HTML events on elements

New activity added to the Core SDK to generate HTML events on a target element at runtime to avoid execution timeout due to specific events which are sometimes required on elements to proceed with the next steps of the flow such as clicks, mouse over, element focus, keypress and more…


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