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C_S4EWM_2020 Certification Exam: Practice Test Ace It on Your First Attempt?

Acing the C_S4EWM_2020 exam is simple if you include resources like practice tests and sample questions in your study material. Learn more about the C_S4EWM_2020 certification through this article.

What Is the C_S4EWM_2020 Certification All About?

SAP Certified Application Associate – Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA or the C_S4EWM_2020 certification exam is all about proving the candidate’s fundamental and core knowledge regarding the SAP extended warehouse management that helps to work as an SAP consultant.

The C_S4EWM_2020 certification proves that the candidate is versed with an overall understanding of the subject topics. The certification also proves that he can implement the knowledge practically in projects to add to the success of the planning and implementation phases under any senior consultant’s guidance. The candidate does not need to have any previous project experience to pass the exam.

Topic Areas Learned through the C_S4EWM_2020 Certification Exam:

The C_S4EWM_2020 exam works on the following topics-

  • Warehouse Structure, Resource Management, and SAP EWM Master Data
  • Warehouse Management (Monitor – Cockpit)
  • Internal processing (Physical Inventory, Replenishment)
  • Warehouse Order and Warehouse Order Creation Rules
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Warehouse Process Types, Warehouse Task Creation, Strategies
  • Process and Layout Oriented Storage Control
  • System Integration, Master Data, and Delivery Document Customizing
  • Cross Topics (Labor Management, Exception Handling, Batches, Serial Numbers)
  • Outbound Processes (Wave Management, Cross-docking, Production Integration)
  • Inbound Processes (Value Added Services, Cross-docking, Quality Management)

How to Prepare for the C_S4EWM_2020 Exam?

Solidify Your Exam Taking Approach:

Get a confirmation that you are going to take the C_S4EWM_2020 exam. Many potential candidates plan to take the SAP S/4HANA System Administration exam and drastically change their plan once they are scheduled with other works. Pearson Vue conducts the C_S4EWM_2020 exam, therefore it is the best way to get registered and start your preparation with strong determination.

Work on Covering the C_S4EWM_2020 Syllabus Topics:

Don’t assume that the C_S4EWM_2020 exam being an associate-level certification, could be easy to prepare. The candidate must focus on all syllabus sections to avoid the challenges while taking the actual exam. The syllabus of the C_S4EWM_2020 exam distributes the topics in almost equal levels; therefore, the aspirant does not get much scope to skip any topic and focus on other sections. Therefore, your winning attitude should push you to learn from all sections to perform well in the exam.

Maintain the Study Flow with A Schedule:

Create your schedule that mentions your study topics, study time, and every important detail regarding the C_S4EWM_2020 exam. The schedule could help you every time you start studying and using your time in the most productive manner.

When you are determined what you want to study on a specific day and time, you can avoid the topic selection hassle during your study hours.

Learning from Different Resources Is Essential:

Look for other study materials like sample questions, video resources, and free mock exams to widen your knowledge. Including multiple resources always help once you are confident about the syllabus.

What Is the Level of Your Preparation?

As a C_S4EWM_2020 certification candidate, this could be the most common question that comes to your mind. Get the answer by using the powerful self-assessment method of doing online C_S4EWM_2020 practice exams. Solving the time-based practice tests questions daily would help the aspirants get familiar with the exam topics and patterns. Moreover, the candidates would get a clear idea about their strengths and weaknesses through the assessment.

Overview of SAP Extended Warehouse Management:

SAP EWM solution helps to manage high-volume warehouse operations. The solution blends complex supply chain logistics with the warehouse and distribution processes and delivers ultimate visibility and control.

What Benefits Do You Get Using SAP EWM?

Speed Up the Implementation Process:

SAP Best Practices are an extensive solution consisting of different elements. These include pre-configured processes, sample structures, and automated workflows that can speed up both system implementation and ROI. Makeup over many years of working with businesses operating at every stage of the supply chain with SAP EWM.

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Get Simplified Systems Landscape:

An embedded EWM solution dramatically simplifies the IT landscape and the total cost of ownership. Enterprises can use a single solution to manage and get a common user experience across all ERP and warehouse management facets while enhancing productivity.

Bottom Line:

Candidates must grab the C_S4EWM_2020 certification, and utilize the features of the SAP EWM solution. The associate-level certification would boost their career base and put them forward for the best job roles.

EWM embedded into the S/4 HANA platform, enhances the function of S/4 HANA’s embedded analytics engine. It can be leveraged to offer detailed analytics and reporting of live transactional data and real-time monitoring of the warehouse operations.