SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics

Simplified administration and configuration has been a theme for reporting and analytics in SuccessFactors reporting and analytics so far this year.

The Headlines capability in SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics continues to evolve and advance.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and AnalyticsThe Headlines capability of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics takes a fresh approach to changing the paradigm of how workforce data is communicated within companies.

In the latest release, the enhanced administrative tool set provides greater self-support to configure and deploy the Headlines. Headlines can be “pushed” to end users by administrators; end users can choose Headlines for themselves, or a combination of both.  Administrators can assign feed subscriptions to roles in addition to specific users, which help to scale up the roll out of Headlines to end users.

When subscribing to Headlines, users can quickly and easily choose one or more (multi-select) headlines to include in the Headlines feed.  For this, they have access to the full measure catalogue in Headlines Designer, enabling them to add new Headlines for any measure in the SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics library (of course that’s if they have data for the measure and the security to view) without a need for additional support.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and AnalyticsCertain users, such as HR business partners, need to see Headlines from the same perspective as the leaders and managers they support. Now these users (if they have the proper permissions) can navigate through the hierarchy structure to the target group and view their Headlines.

These capabilities and enhancements make administration and utilization of Headlines more straightforward and are vital in making the roll out of Headlines as simple as flipping of a switch, thus accelerating the deployment of Headlines with ready access to common stories such as high-performer turnover, diversity in management, and internal mobility.

Build and deliver engaging experiences with dashboards.

Love the home page tiles? With this release, you can run your favorite reports and dashboards directly from Quick Links on your home page.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics

A single page for all dashboard administration simplifies and streamlines dashboard management. Administrators now have the flexibility to create and deliver new and custom analytic tiles on dashboards beyond the delivered fixed set of charts. A wizard-like tool empowers administrators to rapidly build tiles, activate them for the home page and the iPad with the same drill-down and filtering capabilities, create tile-based dashboards, and share the dashboards.

On the iPad the filter panel provides same options as on the web, and native charts allow pinch zoom, tooltips and drill down.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics

Furthermore, the ability to edit from the theme manager lets administrators set the color palette in standard dashboards. All tiles and standard dashboards now use colors from the theme manager.

SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics