New: Predefined HR Analytics for executives and HR business partners

Over the past decades we at SAP have excelled at delivering data models, from early SAP Queries, Infosets, to Business Warehouse (BW) infocubes, These data models have been readily used by SAP customers to create their own content and enhance their analytical capabilities. SAP NetWeaver BW BEx was one of the first widely adopted tools to visualize content. After its acquisition of BusinessObjects, SAP offered products designed to appeal to a new generation of users, which placed enhanced visualization on top of the data models that SAP had been providing over the years.

Regarding the HR space, until now we mainly depended on customers to come up with their own visualizations in BusinessObjects on top of the data models that we provided. Yet over the last year it has become evident that most customers want pre-configured content, either as an accelerator or as out-of-the-box functionality, in order to have immediate insight into their workforce.

I have talked with a lot of customers over the last year and many have told me that they were struggling with HR analytics. The two biggest reasons I keep hearing are inconclusive internal discussions on what to measure and how to measure it, or the fact that HR Analytics was frequently the last piece of an implementation that fell off the wagon at the end. In either case the result was the same: HR analytics simply did not function very well.

That can change now!

We just launched SAP Executive HR Reporting rapid-deployment solution targeted at executives and HR business partners. Executive HR Reporting provides over 40 KPIs, covering all HR modules. All the ”usual suspects” such as time related metrics, headcount metrics, recruitment, talent management, and workforce cost metrics are provided out-of-the-box. Since we target an executive audience, these users can explore data along the organizational and the cost center hierarchy. The navigation in the solution has been designed to be very intuitive, because we do not want to waste executives’ time figuring out how the dashboards work. To secure follow up of action items we have incorporated collaboration functionality, which is aimed specifically at facilitating communication between the HR business partner and the executive about the data that is displayed.

The whole solution is developed in SAP BO Dashboards (f.k.a. Xcelsius), and visualizes data obtained from SAP NetWeaver BW. This rapid-deployment solution comes with an implementation time of only 8 weeks, users can arrive at greater insight into all the data that is sitting in the BW environment. The BW work that a customer has already been conducting can be integrated into the solution to make this offering a real HR cockpit for executives.

We expect to produce more of these rapid-deployment solutions in the upcoming period, with the intent of bringing quicker time to value for customers that run BW, whether expert or just getting started, that want to get to the next level with on-premise HR analytics.

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