List of important tables in Controlling Module (CO Tables)

CO Tables :
Overhead Cost Controlling

A132 Price per Cost Center
A136 Price per Controlling Area
A137 Price per Country / Region
COSC CO Objects: Assignment of Original Cost Sheets
CSSK Cost Center / Cost Element
CSSL Cost Center / Activity Type
KAPS CO Period Locks

Overhead Cost Controlling:

General Services

CSKA Cost Elements
CSKB Cost Elements
CSKS Cost Center Master Data
CSLA Activity Master


Overhead Cost Controlling

COBK CO Object: Document Header
COEJ CO Object: Line Items
COEJL CO Object: Line Items for Activity
COEJR CO Object: Line Items for SKF
COEJT CO Object: Line Items for Prices
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COEPL CO Object: Line Items for Activity
COEPR CO Object: Line Items for SKF
COEPT CO Object: Line Items for Prices
COKA CO Object: Control Data for Cost
COKL CO Object: Control Data for Activity
COKP CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning
COKR CO Object: Control Data for Statistical key Figures
COKS CO Object: Control Data for Secondary Planning


Cost Element Accounting (Reconciliation Ledger)

COFI01 Object Table for Reconciliation
COFI02 Transaction Dependent Fields
COFIP Single Plan Items for Reconciliation
COFIS Actual Line Items for Reconciliation


Cost Center Accounting (Cost Accounting Planning RK-S)

A138  Price per Company Code
A139 Price per Profit Center

Overhead Orders:

Application Development R/3 Cost Accounting Settlement

AUAA Settlement Document: Receiver Segment
AUAB Settlement Document: Distribution Rules
AUAI Settlement Rules per Depreciation Area
AUAK Document Header for Settlement
AUAO Document Segment: CO Objects to be Settled
AUAV Document Segment: Transactions
COBRA Settlement Rule for Order Settlement
COBRB Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement


Overhead Orders:

Cost Accounting Orders

AUFK Order Master Data
AUFLAY0 Enttity Table: Order Layouts

Profit Center Accounting

CEPC Profit Center Master Data Table
CEPCT Texts for Profit Center Master Data
CEPC_BUKRS Assignment of Profit Center to a Company Code
GLPCA EC-PCA: Actual Line Items G
LPCC EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes
GLPCO EC-PCA: Transaction Attributes
GLPCP EC-PCA: Plan Line Items


PCA Basic Settings:

Customizing for Profit Center Accounting

A141 Dependent on Material and Receive profit center
A142 Dependent on Material
A143 Dependent on Material Group