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Wondering about the C_CP_11 Certification? Get the Study Guide, Sample Questions, and Benefits

The C_CP_11, SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Cloud Platform certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the SAP Cloud Platform profile’s fundamental and core knowledge. The C_CP_11 certification proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and in‐depth technical skills to join as a team member under the guidance of a mentor. The C_CP_11 certificate builds on the basic knowledge gained through a related SAP Cloud Platform training.

What Topics Are Covered under the C_CP_11 Exam?

The syllabus covers topics like-

  • Frontend Application Development
  • SAP Cloud Platform integration Services
  • Extend SAP Cloud Solutions
  • Introduction and Architecture
  • Java Application Development on SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA XSC Application Development
  • SAP Mobile Services
  • SAP API Management
  • SAP Cloud Data & Storage
  • SAP Cloud Platform Security Concepts
  • SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry Services
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Details of the Exam:

The C_CP_11 exam is a 180 minutes long exam and asks 80 questions. A candidate needs to get 63% marks to pass the exam. Passing the C_CP_11 exam grants a candidate with the SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Cloud Platform certification.

How to Get Ready for Your C_CP_11 Exam?

Learn from the Experts Via SAP C_CP_11 Training:

Learning the SAP cloud is not easy. A candidate needs help, and he can easily get it from experts. SAP provides training for the SAP C_CP_11 exam. Joining training at the beginning of your preparation could be very helpful.

Be Confident about the Syllabus Topics:

Discovering the C_CP_11 syllabus is the first task once you decide to pass the exam. SAP syllabus is always percentage-based, so a candidate can determine which topics are important. Make a schedule based on that. You may not like all syllabus topics during preparation, but try to cover the full syllabus, focusing more on your favorite areas. SAP Cloud Platform integration Services and Frontend Application Development topics cover the maximum syllabus portion while making routine focus more time on those areas. Make short notes to complete your C_CP_11 exam revision. 

Take the Help of Sample Questions:

Reading from different resources could be very helpful for exam preparation. Sample questions for the C_CP_11 exam are available at different websites. Here I am posting useful sample questions to give you an idea about the C_CP_11 exam.

Which one of the following uses Blockchain?

Please choose the correct answer.

a) SAP Cloud Platform Integration

b) SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model

c) SAP Leonardo

d) SAP API Management

Ans: c

Which of the following can be used to edit the HTML code of an extension project?

Please choose the correct answer.

a) SAP Web IDE

b) UI theme designer

c) SAP Cloud Platform Portal service

Ans: a

What are some capabilities of the MongoDB database on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry?

a) Concurrency management

b) Indexing of any field

c) Support of replica sets

d) Inheritance support

Ans. b,c

Practice Tests Should Be in Your Priority List:

Are you ready for the C_CP_11 exam? Let the practice tests decide your preparation level. After finishing the syllabus and after going through different sample questions, when your confidence level is up, opt for the practice tests. Practice tests will point out your weaknesses and strength, and you can get better results if you work on the weak areas.

How Could the C_CP_11 Certification Benefit Your Business?

SAP Cloud Platform is an integrated suite that involves cloud integration and API management, so you can open up your enterprise data and processes or key performance indicators.

C_CP_11 is a Feature-packed Certification– 

The C_CP_11 cloud platform certification has many different features that can let you build, manage, and deploy cloud-based enterprise applications that go with your current SAP and non-SAP solutions or can allow them to extend in the cloud or on-premise. Flexible subscription models and other services for apps, databases, and infrastructure enable easy access to SAP HANA’s full power.

Increase the Value of Your Existing Application with C_CP_11 Certification:

If you possess current enterprise solutions in the cloud or running on-premise, SAP Cloud Platform C_CP_11 certification knowledge offers connectivity through the cloud connectivity service. By this method, you can streamline the integration of new applications with the assurance of the lowest possible overall cost of ownership.

Soothing Customer Experience: 

SAP Cloud Platform would allow you to build and deploy consumer and business applications fast while ensuring new functionality that meets emerging business needs. At the same time, it lets you connect with customers through more engaging experiences.

Developer’s Productivity is increased:

Open programming standards are supported, so developers can easily build enterprise applications to integrate with non-SAP or SAP solutions without learning new code.

Improve ROI, Decrease costs:

SAP Cloud Platform does not require up-front capital investment in software or hardware for partners and customers, resulting in a more cost-effective service with minimal risk. Once it is applied, SAP will manage platform operations to minimize the cost of deploying and developing cloud applications.

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Final Words:

The C_CP_11 certification from SAP is not only your career or resume booster, but it can also help you widen your business experience. So, register yourself with the Pearson Vue and get ready to experience the benefits.

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