How to view all Infotypes Saved for an Employee

You can view all infotypes saved for in SAP HR for a pernr using “Personnel File”.

Personnel File stimulates browsing through employees personal data.

The personnel file facility is accessed using the following menu path: Human Resources => Personnel Management => Personnel Administration => HR Master Data => Personnel File or transaction PA10

How to view all Infotypes Saved for an Employee

Sap Training Personnel File

The personnel file displays all of the infotypes to which data has been saved for a personnel number.

Infotypes are displayed in ascending numeric order and then sorted by their validity. They same display order applies to subtypes. They all appear after the respective infotypes

If several records exist for the same infotype, they are displayed one after another. The system then goes on to the next infotype. When it has reached the last infotype for which data exists SAP returns to the initial screen.

You can scroll backwards and forwards through the personnel file by using the Next Record function (or F19) and the Previous Function (or F18).