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Update your Fiori Launchpad to Fiori 3.0 using your SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service in the Neo Environment

In this short blog post I’ll guide you through updating your Fiori Launchpad Portal to Fiori 3.0. I’m using my SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service trial account in the Neo environment which takes the Fiori 2.0 theme by default.

Still, this is an useful blog post for our customer’s users who have their productive Portal Service accounts currently in the Neo environment.

Here there is a Fiori Launchpad Portal I deployed some time ago, but as you can see it remains with the Fiori 2.0 theme:

So, let’s start!

Go to the Site Directory of your Portal Service and click Edit in the Fiori Launchpad Portal (FLP) you want to update:

As you can see in the green box in the right side, I’m using by default the sap_belize fiori 2.0 theme. Let’s change that. Go to Service and Tools on the menu:

Now click on Configure UI Theme Designer:

Now click on Import a Theme and import this zip file

See the zip file and finish the import:

Now click on Edit to see the theme:

As you can see the theme has the look and feel of Fiori 3.0. To publish click at Theme and later Save & Publish:

Wait a few seconds while it’s saving the theme, performing test build and building the theme:

When the process is done. You can see the confirmation that it is already published:

Later, go back to the Fiori Configuration Cockpit Service and Tools, and now click on Configure Theme Manager:

Select fiori3 Theme and click at the right bottom Assign to Site:

Now to finish, check the box to clear the cache of the application and click Publish and Open the portal:

Now you got it:

This is a quick exercise of how you can update themes within the Portal Service of the SAP Cloud Platform and keep an enterprise look and feel for your applications!

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