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C_TS4C_2021 Exam: Explore the Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Onboarding

Get ready for the C_TS4C_2021 certification. Clear your ideas about the C_TS4C_2021 exam and follow the study guide to use the benefits of the S/4HANA cloud.

The C_TS4C_2021, or the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition implementation with SAP Activate certification exam certifies that the candidate holds the fundamental and core knowledge required to support SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Who Are the Suitable Candidates for the C_TS4C_2021 Certification?

This C_TS4C_2021 certification is useful for the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Project Managers, customer Key Users, or the solution architects to confirm that he/she has an overall understanding and in-depth skills to take part as a member of an SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementation project.

What Type of Certification Is the C_TS4C_2021?

The C_TS4C_2021 certification is an entry-level certification. Implementation and line of business consultants do not need to take the C_TS4C_2021 exam, as the profile should discuss on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud lines of business exams available for Professional Services, Procurement, Finance, Manufacturing, Enterprise Asset Management, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, and Sales. The C_TS4C_2021 exam is a prerequisite for Project Managers, Architects, and Key Users who would like to attend SAP Education’s Hands-On Learning course: HOS4C: SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation Workshop.

Summary of the Exam:

The C_TS4C_2021 certification exam is 90 minutes long with 40 questions within the exam. A candidate needs to get 63% marks to pass the C_TS4C_2021 exam.

How to Study for the C_TS4C_2021 Exam?

Make A C_TS4C_2021 Study Plan Depending on the Weighted Topics:

The topics of the C_TS4C_2021 certification are divided into mostly 8-12% topics areas. A candidate must schedule an exam date with Pearson Vue. An aspirant must take at least two months’ time to get ready for the C_TS4C_2021 exam.

Completing the whole C_TS4C_2021 syllabus is the path to your success. Once a candidate decides to pass the C_TS4C_2021 exam, he should try to engage quality time in the exam preparation. Remember to devote at least two hours daily.

Join SAP C_TS4C_2020 Training:

SAP provides official training for the C_TS4C_2021 exam. SAP modules are difficult to grasp, so official training could help a candidate to understand the exam well. Follow the reference books like S4C01E or SAP S/4HANA Cloud Impl. LR

Choose the Reliable Practice Test Over Dumps:

A candidate may feel very confident from within about the C_TS4C_2021 exam preparation, but an assessment is always important. Taking regular practice exams will make you clear the exam on the first attempt. When thinking about practice it is always better to take C_TS4C_20201 practice tests over dumps. Dumps are only read-only materials, a candidate can’t assess himself over a dump. Gradual practice will give you a grasp of the subject topics and you would be ready to take the exam on time on the actual exam day.

What Are the Benefits of the C_TS4C_2021 Certification?

Some important benefits are as follows-

Fast Implementation Knowledge with C_TS4C_2021 Certification:

The benefits of C_TS4C_2021 certification are enormous and simply visible. The overall project duration is shortened due to Cloud methodologies. The biggest time saving occurs during the build due to the reduced configuration and guided configuration methods. Time-saving also occurs during the testing phase as the new testing tools and training will deduct cost due to the SAP Fiori screens being more intuitive and easier to train. Within data migration, SAP offers pre-delivered data migration scripts and templates to deduct the effort of loading data into the new system. The deduction in the implementation times will reduce the overall effort of consultants and the customer’s project team behavior, which in turn will reduce the overall cost of the implementation which will be always welcomed.

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Lower Support Cost through C_TS4C_2021 Certification Knowledge: 

Moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud will open a new type of contract. An Annual subscription is needed, and the core licenses, the hosting of the solution, and the box level supports are included. Recent jobs like back-ups and performance monitoring are all taken care which will allow the customer to look more on their business rather than managing the system of record. More to this, as the core SAP S/4HANA solution is not as changeable as a traditional SAP ECC on-premise solutions, the application support costs will lessen as well due to the reduction of bespoke objects.

SAP’s Strategic Direction Is Eshtablished:

The clear path of SAP S/4HANA is for the product to be a Cloud-first management system. All of the new operations will be released first within the Cloud editions. A new release is decided  4 times a year for the Cloud version and only once for the on-premise issues and therefore before the on-premise edition. The shout for Cloud-based tools is rapidly emerging and ERP is now firmly on this journey as well.  Cloud has all of the characteristics to help achieve it with a focus on the digital core and the chance to change quickly,. SAP’s recent works have mainly been best of breed cloud solutions such as Hybris, Success Factors, and Concur, S/4HANA Cloud is now the best of breed ERP Cloud product.

Final Words:

SAP certifications are widely useful and the C_TS4C_2021 is the path to use benefits of SAP S/4HANA. S/4HANA Cloud is a very useful solution for customers wishing to implement a simplified ERP solution and gain the associated advantages. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is agile and very quick to change, which is a real competitive advantage.

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