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The purpose of this article to understand EWM triggered Corss Docking and how does it work in EWM. In this blog post I will discuss the configuration and master data settings in EWM for one of the OCD (Opportunistic Cross Docking) methods called EWM triggered OCD.

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Configurations Steps

Step 1: Activation of BADI for Inbound and Outbound

SPRO > EWM> BADIs for EWM> Cross Process Settings> EWM Triggered Cross Docking

Step 2: Product group Type and Product Group

EWM Triggered Cross Docking is generally product controlled therefore Product group type and product groups are created.

SPRO> EWM> SCM Basis> Master Data> Products> Product Group

Step 3: Activation of Opportunistic Cross Docking at Warehouse Level

SPRO> EWM> Cross Process Settings> Cross Docking> EWM Triggered Cross Docking> Activate EWM- triggered opportunistic cross docking

Step 4: Picking Strategy & Storage Type Search Sequence

In general cross docking scenario material has to be picked from GR staging area. Hence GR-Zone (Putaway staging area) has to be maintained in picking strategy.

Same shall be maintain for Inbound WPT.

Master Data Setup

Product Master



Test Case

Step1 :

SAP EWM Creates an Inbound delivery.

Step2 :

Goods Receipt is posted.

Now material is in GR-ZONE.

Step3 :

Outbound delivery is created in SAP EWM for same product. And picking task is created

Here system checks the following attributes of same product which is supposed to be cross docked and is in GR-ZONE already.

  1. Same Product
  2. Batch
  3. Quantity, including stock separation characteristics, such as party entitled to dispose or the sales order stock.

Same process can be performed with or without process control.

At the same time, EWM looks for suitable WH Tasks with reference to an existing inbound delivery. Here SAP EWM checks whether the goods receipt contains stock that is more suitable for fulfilling the outbound delivery order item than the stock in the warehouse.

As the WH tasks are confirmed EWM updates the inbound delivery and the outbound delivery order.

EWM picked the material directly from GR-ZONE to GI_ZONE. In the doc flow of both inbound and outbound EWM created cross docking documents.

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