Comparing Workflow Templates in SAP

SAP Business Workflow, SAP Workflow Management, ABAP Development

Introduction Identifying the changes present between different versions of workflow templates can be a challenge. Unlike other objects, there isn’t a built-in functionality for direct comparison. Manually scrutinizing each step of the templates side-by-side can be both tedious and error-prone. This lack can be frustrating, as I’ve witnessed firsthand through inquiries from few of my […]

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SAP Build Process Automation: using workflow attachments with robotic automations

SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, SAP Workflow Management

SAP Build Process Automation provides extended workflow capabilities and the ability to include into the workflows the robotic automation (iRPA) components. The combination of workflows and robotic automations allows the developers to implement complex use cases in an easy way. In one of the projects I’m implementing, I needed to process a workflow attachment from […]

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Steps to change/customize workflow logic in GRC Process Control

SAP Process Control

The standard workflow that is included in the standard package offered by SAP GRC Process Control may be customised by using the settings or configuration in this blog post for customising the workflow. Manual Steps to change/customize workflow logic in GRC Process Control. Activity- 1 – Change Workflow-WS75900005 Step-1 – Open R/3 Connection and execute […]

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