Connectivity News in AS ABAP 7.51

ABAP Development

ABAP Channels Multiplexer for WebSocket connections In contrast to HTTP connection, which is short-lived and can be reused for multiple HTTP requests, the WebSocket connection is long-lived and cannot be reused for other WebSockets. That means that each WebSocket-enabled component requires its own WebSocket connection and the number of WebSockets connections grows over time. Besides […]

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Locators in ABAP Open SQL

ABAP Development, SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP

Recently I learned a new approach to access database table content without having to transport the column data into ABAP program using locator. I make modifications on this sample. The modified one: REPORT demo_db_locator. DATA: otr_text_locator TYPE REF TO cl_abap_db_c_locator, length TYPE i. DATA: pattern TYPE string VALUE ‘ABAP’, lv_index TYPE int4 VALUE 1. zcl_abap_benchmark_tool=>start_timer( ). […]

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