IBM Watson Assistant Chatbot for UI5 Application : Step-by-step guide

SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Cloud

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual agent that provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across any messaging platform, application, device or channel. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Watson Assistant learns from customer conversations, improving its ability to resolve issues the first time. The following diagram describes the user experience where […]

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Update your Fiori Launchpad to Fiori 3.0 using your SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service in the Neo Environment

SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Cloud

In this short blog post I’ll guide you through updating your Fiori Launchpad Portal to Fiori 3.0. I’m using my SAP Cloud Platform Portal Service trial account in the Neo environment which takes the Fiori 2.0 theme by default. Still, this is an useful blog post for our customer’s users who have their productive Portal […]

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