Influence Resource Related Billing through AVC (Advanced Variant Configuration)

Overview: Resource Related billing is useful when the price for customer-specific services is not defined in a service contract as a fixed price and can’t be determined using standard pricing. One of the examples of such service could be consulting. In resource-related billing, the system creates dynamic items from the expenditure information on the service […]

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Integration of SAP Service and Asset Manager (SAM) with SAP Field Service Management (FSM) using the FSM Cloud Connector (proaxia)

Mobile Application Integration Framework, SAP Field Service Management, SAP Mobile Asset Management, SAP Service and Asset Manager

SAP Service and Asset Manager (SAM) Mobile Application integrates with SAP Field Service Management (FSM) as part of Field Service Technician persona using Proaxia connector. SAM integrates with SAP FSM planning board to set the current status of the Activity and the Technician location data. Also, updates Mileage and Expense related data captured from the […]

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