Generate Custom Supplier Certificates via Generic Withholding Tax in SAP Document and Reporting Compliance(formerly known as Advanced Compliance Reporting – ACR)

SAP ABAP, NW ABAP Gateway (OData)

Generic withholding tax reporting helps you configure based on your country/region-specific or company-specific requirements. The report identifies withholding tax-relevant transactions for the reporting period and generates an ALV output that lists these transactions and groups them based on organizational unit, business partner, tax type, and tax code. This report can be used to report only […]

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Invoking Static BOPF Action From Custom Pop up in Fiori Elements App

SAP Business Application Studio, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori, SAP Fiori Elements, SAPUI5

Introduction: Many times while working with Transactional List Report Apps developed using SAP Fiori Elements we might have requirements to get dynamic input from the end user, like providing a popup where user makes selection and then we need to take actions accordingly. In order to develop transactional App SAP provided us 2 programming model […]

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Output Management and In-App Extension for Account Statement forms in SAP S/4 HANA


The below blog focusses on the Output Management Configuration and execution of Account Statement forms. Steps to be followed for configuration : Form Name : FIN_FO_CORR_ACC_STAT ODATA Service : FDP_FFO_CORR_ACC_STAT_SRV Configure the below set of Views. Note: This can be also done via SPRO. V_T048B : Allocate Program for Automatic Correspondence V_T048I : Call Options […]

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ABAP in the Cloud, Start from Scratch, Architecture of ABAP Restfull Application Programming Model and Developing Fiori Apps

SAP ABAP Development, SAP ABAP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud

This blog post include the understand of architecture of Restful Application Programming Model and implementation codes step by step. Firstly, We can look at the evolution of ABAP RAP. In the technology environment, everything changes and evolving. ABAP is changing also, specially for frontend services faster changer. When we look at the diagram, our CDS […]

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