Intra-Company STO Process (Two Step Process) in S/4 HANA

Intra-Company STO: (With Delivery and W/O Billing) Materials are transported between the plants belonging to the same company code is known as Intra Company STO Where the supplying and receiving plants are under the same company code. Configurations to-do from SD Side: Create Sales organization: Configuration: SPRO –> IMG –> Enterprise Structure –> Definition –> […]

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S/4Hana RAP Unmanaged framework in a complex Transactional environment using micro services

SAP S/4HANA, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

Introduction In this article we will explore how complex transactional processing can be implemented using the ABAP Restful Application Processing framework. The article will demonstrate how the RAP unmanaged scenario supports the reuse of existing code and how best OO practices can be maintained in a complicated transactional environment. The central design concept is that […]

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UI Data Protection – How to protect sensitive data displayed in PDF Forms


Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to configure masking in PDF Forms to protect the sensitive information displayed in it. Adobe Forms are used frequently in SAP to generate Portable Document Format (PDF) files of various business documents like Invoices, Order Confirmations, Account Statements, Purchase orders etc. In this blog, we will see […]

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Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) – Field Masking Scenario in Change Log (CDPOS table) in SE16 transaction


Introduction In this blog post, we will learn how to mask “New Value” and “Old Value” fields based on “Object Class” and “Field Name” field information of table CDPOS in SE16. “New Value” and “Old Value” fields of table CDPOS in SE16 transaction need to be masked where “Object Class” is “MATERIAL” and “Field Name” […]

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Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) – Mask Identification Number of Sensitive Business Partners based on Users IP Address

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Cybersecurity

Introduction As part of this blog, we will compare logged-in user’s IP Address attribute with attributes of data that logged-in user is trying to access. As example, we have considered a scenario where sensitive Business Partners Identification Number data will be masked for logged-in user if logged-in user’s IP Address is in the blacklist. These […]

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