Sub-Contracting where components Issue from one plant and Finished product received by another Plant

MM (Materials Management), MM Purchasing, SAP MM

Subcontracting process In this blog-post, SAP Sourcing and Procurement consultant will be able to learn the concept and mapping procedure of Subcontracting Process with two different plants i.e one plant creating the PO and other plant is issuing the components to the Subcontracting vendor in SAP system. Subcontracting process is generally used in most of […]

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Batch determination in Inventory Management for FEFO,FIFO,LIFO processes

SAP MM, MM Purchasing, MM Inventory Management

Batch Determination in Inventory Management: (FEFO,FIFO,LIFO) Batch Management increases production, improves quality, reduces cycle times, and facilitates compliance for your company to meet most industry standards. A batch is a consistent unit of material that’s defined in your SAP system with unique specifications. A batch represents a single subset of the total quantity of material […]

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Supplier clustering using Machine learning on Invoice dataset – Proof of concept

SAP S/4HANA, MM Purchasing

Background: Last week, I was giving a demo to customer on “Supplier segmentation & evaluation” in area of procurement & sourcing in SAP S/4HANA ( on-premise). While explaining newly introduced feature purchasing categories via SAP FIORI app “Manage Purchasing Categories” , customer raised a very valid question. Customer question – We have a supplier base […]

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Plant Level Partners for Purchasing via Business Partner Master Data

MM (Materials Management), MM Purchasing

During my day to day interactions with various customers, a regular topic of discussion that keeps coming up in the Operational Procurement area is the concept of ordering partners. In this blog, I’ll outline and explore the concept of supplier plant level partners in SAP S/4HANA using Business Partners (BP). Plant level partners for procurement […]

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