Subcontracting Process in Extended Warehouse Management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Goods Movement, EWM - Master Data, EWM - Shipping and Receiving

Introduction: Subcontracting is the process where child materials (components) are issued to an external vendor for final assembly. In this blog, I will try to explain the configuration and steps required to accomplish the subcontracting process with EWM managed. Configuration required: Document type and Item type integration: When we issue the component material from our […]

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Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS) in Standard SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Shipping and Receiving, SAP Yard Logistics

Introduction: This blog demonstrates how to perform standard inbound process with SAP Yard Logistics using Dock Appointment Scheduling functionality. The process flow diagram is included for ease of understanding. Dock Appointment Scheduling: Planning of vehicle arrivals at the warehouse, loading and unloading of the vehicles is important for managing the efficient running of the warehouse […]

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SAP EWM-TM Integration on S4HANA 1909 – Based on FO-TU&PSHU’s

SAP Transportation Management, SAP EWM

1. Overview In this blog post, I will explain how the TM-EWM integration in the S4HANA 1909 system will work in an integrated way in outbound delivery process. The article will include more detailed information about the EWM side and more brief information about the TM-ERP sides. While providing this integration, the following steps will […]

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