Printer Determination based on warehouse door during EWM Inbound Receiving

EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM

Background: Warehouses often need to print documents such as “unloading instruction” through printers setup in the inbound receiving area. In simple warehouses, there can be a single printer used during receiving while in complex ones printing can occur on multiple printers. In cases where we have multiple printers, printer determination becomes a crucial topic of […]

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Determine Storage bin Blank while Put away-SAP EWM

EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Goods Movement, EWM - Radio Frequency, EWM - Shipping and Receiving

Introduction: Now a days in most of the business scenarios in complex warehouses want to put away the material in whatever the bin they want (System should not determine the destination bin, instead system should determine till the storage type only). How we are going to achieve this? What are the options available. To achieve […]

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Configuration of Serial Number Management in SAP EWM

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Goods Movement

Introduction Serial number profile plays a important role in the warehouse to track the material by serial number The purpose of this blog is to configure the serialization for the material at Document level, Warehouse level and Inventory management level In EWM serial number are maintained at three levels. 1. Serial numbers for document items: […]

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) deployment options with S/4 HANA

SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP EWM, EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Delivery Processing, EWM - Master Data

Introduction: Nowadays, SAP S/4 HANA is taking up rapidly, many companies face the challenges while deciding right SAP EWM solution for their businesses. This blog carries the functional information between SAP S/4 HANA EWM deployment options and will help you to decide right EWM solution which depends on enterprise structure, current system landscape, future automation […]

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GS1-128 Barcode Understanding and Technical Details

EWM - Master Data, EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Delivery Processing

Primarily in any WMS transformation project scanning solution is still one of the cheapest and faster method of deployment. SAP EWM supports standard GS1 128/EAN128 barcode type. Often, we work with GS1 barcode labels. This blog gives an understanding of the SAP EWM configuration aspects, Zebra MC33 Device settings and technical details. Sample Business scenario: […]

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Embedded EWM – Inbound POSC (Multi-step movements)

EWM - Basic Functions, EWM - Master Data

INBOUND POSC (MULTI-STEP MOVEMENT) Purpose The purpose of this article to understand INBOUND POSC and how does it work in EWM. In this blog post I will discuss the configuration and master data settings in EWM for one of the Inbound process consisting of multi-step movements. In this Inbound POSC Scenario we discuss about Deconsolidation/Re-pack […]

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