Influence Resource Related Billing through AVC (Advanced Variant Configuration)

Overview: Resource Related billing is useful when the price for customer-specific services is not defined in a service contract as a fixed price and can’t be determined using standard pricing. One of the examples of such service could be consulting. In resource-related billing, the system creates dynamic items from the expenditure information on the service […]

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SAP Service Cloud: Service Categories upload in Multiple Languages

SAP Service Cloud, CRM Service

This content concentrates on Service categories creation using Excel file upload and creating it in the system manually. There are some examples given: Create a file using Excel: 1. To upload as a File create a Excel with the columns given as CategoryID, CategoryType, ParentCategoryID, Language1, Name1, Description1, Language2, Name2, Description2. 2. Click on File- […]

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CRM Bol programming Debugging Tips and Code Snippet on how to read & populate values

CRM Service, CRM WebClient UI

This blog explains on how to do basic debugging and write code in CRM. It covers the below topic areas 1. Requirement: Disable a specific UI element field For customer overview screen when user clicks on edit to update the address information Also Read: SAP CRM Certification Preparation Guide Disable a specific field called “Delivery […]

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OData Example: Create Update Delete Price Components of Service Order in SAP Business ByDesign

CRM Service, SAP CRM

SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) provides you with REST/OData access to Service Order Price Components both header and item level components (Price, Discount, Surcharge, Freight …). This blog post provides you with an sample round trip examples of price components (create – read – update – delete) using ByD OData services for service order business object. […]

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