Consuming a Business Technology Platform service from an S/4 HANA system using SM59 destination with OAuth

SAP BTP, SAP ABAP Development, SAP ABAP Extensibility, SAP BTP Security, SAP S/4HANA

Scenario Description In this blog, I present an introduction to OAuth and explain how to implement and configure the consumption of an OAuth-enabled service provided by the SAP Business Technology Platform from an SAP S/4HANA system on release 2021 or above (here workflow service on cloud foundry is used as an example) using the CL_HTTP_CLIENT […]

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Get started with Forms Service by Adobe REST API in BTP

SAP BTP, SAP ABAP Environment, SAP ABAP Development

1. Prerequisites – BTP subaccount with Forms Service by Adobe license(not available in free-tier yet) – Adobe LiveCycle Designer – ABAP Environment in BTP 2. Preparation Go to BTP subaccount -> Service Marketplace and choose Create from Forms Service by Adobe tile. Choose “default” as the service instance plan. Follow the same step with Forms […]

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Create a Fiori Application using RESTful Application programming model(RAP) on S/4 HANA cloud platform and Business transaction platform(BTP)

SAP S/4HANA, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP BTP, ABAP Environment

Introduction In this post, We will go over a series of steps in creation of a Fiori application to perform CRUD operations using ABAP RESTful Application programming model(RAP) on S/4 HANA cloud platform and Business transaction platform(BTP). Pre-requisites for this Application: S/4 HANA Cloud System Business transaction platform(BTP) Eclipse IDE There are 2 type of […]

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Display Messages in ODATA Header Response while success and update and usage of ALL Query operations.

ABAP Environment, SAP ABAP

Introduction This article explains the gradual creation of OData services, mapping messages on the OData response header, and simple operations($filter, $orderby, $inline count, $skip and $top). Overview:- 1) Creation of OData service 2) Registering the OData Service 3) Redefine methods to write the code 4) Simple operations of OData 5) Add Success/ Error Message 6) […]

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FEH (Forward Error Handling) & ECH (Error Conflict Handler)

ABAP Development, SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment

FEH – Forward Error Handling FEH (Forward Error Handling) is used for Error handling in Asynchronous Services. Asynchronous inbound service operations should support service-oriented error handling: if an error is detected while executing a service call, performing the requested service is not rejected immediately. In particular, no immediate “rejection message” containing error information is sent […]

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