SuccessFactors – Useful Resources and Documents

  1. The Best Security for Your Cloud Part 1: Unique Multi-tenancy and Defense in Depth
  2. The Best Security for Your Cloud Part 2: Information Security and Data Protection in SaaS Applications
  3. The Best Security for Your Cloud Part 3: How We Address Data Security in Europe and Canada
  4. SuccessFactors Learning Admin Security – Master of Your Domains?
  5. SuccessFactors Action Search: Going the Google way …
  6. Success Factor – Operations Manual (part 1)
  7. Success Factor – Operations Manual (part 2)
  8. Success Factor – Operations Manual (part 3)
  9. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Certification Online Practice Exams

Customer and market-related

  1. How significant is SAP’s on-premise and Cloud licensing swap announcement?
  2. Improving Customer Service Experience at SuccessFactors with new Cloud-based Support Portal
  3. Finding the Right Partner for your SAP SuccessFactors Implementation
  4. SuccessFactors Cloud Learning Center
  5. 6 Steps to Make a Business Case for Cloud HR
  6. Cloud implementations and expert advice for SAP & SuccessFactors customers
  7. SAP SuccessFactors Professional Certification Level: What it means for customers and consultants
  8. So, We Have Implemented SuccessFactors – What Now?

Consultants and Certification

  1. How to Transition from an SAP HCM to a SuccessFactors Consultant
  2. How SAP use SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam for its new SAP Learning Hub
  3. How to Navigate SAP Learning Hub Subscriptions
  4. SuccessFactors Certification Process
  5. SAP SuccessFactors Certification and Training Guide

SAP SuccessFactors Platform

  1. SuccessFactors – Language Packs – General discussion for all SuccessFactors modules
  2. SAP Successfactors: Adding custom fields, field types & picklist values
  3. An Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Platform Components
  4. SAP SuccessFactors Platform Components – Part 2: Using Competencies in the HCM Suite

People Profile

  1. People Profile in SuccessFactors
  2. SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and Time Valuation
  3. SuccessFactors Employee Central and Compensation Integration
  4. SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Benefits

Intelligent Services

  1. Simplify Global Mobility with Intelligent Services
  2. End-To-End Integration with SAP Successfactors Cloud HCM Intelligent services

Metadata Framework

  1. Extending SuccessFactors with the Metadata Framework
  2. Rules and Picklists in the SuccessFactors Metadata Framework
  3. Configuring SAP HCM & SuccessFactors: A Comparison
  4. SAP SuccessFactors Metadata Framework (Part 1)
  5. How to migrate Custom MDF objects to other Successfactors Instance
  6. SAP SuccessFactors Metadata Framework (Part 2)

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

  1. SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of countries with Localizations
  2. SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of languages
  3. Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central with a SAP background
  4. Employee Central Entities and Interfacing
  5. Mapping SAP OM objects to SuccessFactors For a Hybrid Model
  6. SuccessFactors August Release: Faster, easier adoption of the latest innovations
  7. My Thoughts on SuccessFactors Employee Central
  8. Here’s to 2013 and Employee Central !!!
  9. SuccessFactors EC and Cloud HCM Kickaround
  10. The SuccessFactors Employee Central Organization Structure
  11. The SuccessFactors Employee Central Pay Structure
  12. SuccessFactors Employee Central Embedded Analytics for Compensation Information
  13. Configuring SuccessFactors Employee Central Job Info into Employee Profile
  14. Term Date validation for hybrid Integration between SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP HCM OnPremise
  15. Manage Tomorrow’s Workforce Today with Apprentice Management from the SAP SuccessFactors 1602 Release
  16. Migrating to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  17. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Certification Online Practice Exams

Position Management

  1. The SuccessFactors Employee Central Position Management feature
  2. How to add country specific field to SF EC Position and integrate it with SAP ERP

Document Generation

  1. Letter generation with SuccessFactors Core HRIS – Employee Central
  2. Proving it with Employee Central SuccessFactors customers. Reflecting on two customer days.
  3. Employee Central – EC Customer Summit in San Francisco – sharing the love in SF!
  4. Employee Central Document Generation
  5. Document Generation and Roadmap

Time Management

  1. Time Off in SuccessFactors Employee Central: demonstration
  2. Q&A: Time & Attendance with SuccessFactors and WorkForce Software
  3. SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and Time Valuation
  4. Time Sheet in SuccessFactors Employee Central: demonstration
  5. SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet 1408 – Demo
  6. SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet 1505
  7. The European Working Time Directive in SAP Time Management and SuccessFactors EC Timesheet
  8. EC Time Off for On Time HR Management
  9. Evaluating Time Management in the Cloud: What does the SAP partnership with WorkForce Software mean for customers?
  10. About to start EC Time Sheet Implementation? consider below key points
  11. New Time Management Features in EC Time 1602

Side-by-Side (SBS) deployment model

  1. The Side by Side HCM Deployment Model
  2. SAP SuccessFactors Side by Side HCM Design Pattern
  3. Side-By-Side HCM Overview Update
  4. Talent Hybrid And Side-By-Side Deployment Models are Stepping Stones To Full Cloud HCM
  5. How A Customer Connected 8 HR Systems With SuccessFactors

Extensibility (Metadata Framework & Extensions)

  1. Eat like never before: SAP Networking Lunch
  2. Enhancing SuccessFactors Employee Central v12 Home Page – to HCP or not?
  3. Talking HCP: Building SuccessFactors apps on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  4. Do It: Navigate the Enterprise Jungle
  5. Connect to SuccessFactors oData from Hana Cloud Platform
  6. Employee Central | Business Rules Engine at work
  7. Success Factors – Employee Central : Interesting limitations on Business Configuration UI
  8. SuccessFactors(SFSF) Extension with HANA Cloud Platform – Mobile Services
  9. SAP SuccessFactors Metadata Framework (Part 2)

Employee Central Service Center

  1. SuccessFactors- 1408 Release-Employee Central Service Center – this is not your parent’s helpdesk
  2. Employee Service Centre

Employee Central Payroll

  1. SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll – list of supported countries
  2. New SAP and SuccessFactors Cloud Payroll Offering
  3. Successfactors Employee Central Payroll or On premise Payroll
  4. Employee Central Payroll – A Process Introduction

SuccessFactors HCM suite integration & data migration

  1. SuccessFactors Employee Central and Compensation Integration
  2. SuccessFactors Employee Central & Recruiting: configuring the New Hire process integration
  3. Consuming Employee Central OData Services with Java
  4. Integration Technologies for SuccessFactors Employee Central
  5. How to create an Employee using OData APIs
  6. Consuming Employee Central OData Services with the Java OData4j library
  7. SAP ERP to SuccessFactors Employee Central data migration RDS
  8. Hana Cloud Integration in comparison to Dell’s Boomi.
  9. Integration of SuccessFactors Employee Center with SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management
  10. Delta transmission of Compound Employee API
  11. Two way joyride for customers implementing Recruiting Management, Onboarding & Employee Central!
  12. Initial Load / Migration of HR Data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)
  13. Integration between Compensation and Employee Central in SuccessFactors


  1. SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of countries with Localizations
  2. The value of Localization for HR and HR systems

SuccessFactors Talent
Performance & Goals

  1. SuccessFactors PM/GM: Making multiple Rating scales converge
  2. PM v12 Acceleration (PMv12A) – Observations and things to plan around
  3. A platform for fair appraisal: SuccessFactors’ Performance Review Calibration Tool
  4. Role of Calibration in SAP SuccessFactors
  5. SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals (SF PMGM) Certification Practice Exams

Recruiting and Onboarding

  1. SuccessFactors November Release: Onboarding – New Hires On The Go
  2. Our Recruitment Journey – Three Questions that Shaped SAP’s Move to the Cloud
  3. SuccessFactors Recruiting Experience – at a glance
  4. Configuring Mobile Application for Success Factors Recruitment Management
  5. SuccessFactors Recruitment Data Migration – A Journey
  6. Using Boomi to update fields in Job Requisition
  7. Extending SAP SuccessFactors Capabilities Using an iPaaS – Part 3: Payroll
  8. SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Certification Online Practice exams


  1. SuccessFactors Salary Budgeting based on the Custom Fields
  2. SuccessFactors 1408 release: talk with Kevin Simpson from IBM on Compensation
  3. SuccessFactors 1502 Release: Introducing Variable Pay Forecasting
  4. Executive Review in Success Factors Compensation
  5. Beyond Spreadsheets: Compensation Modeling Made Easy
  6. Budgeting has only one rule: Do not go over budget
  7. SAP SuccessFactors Compensation (SF Comp) Certification Online Practice Exams


  1. SuccessFactors LMS: Power in Assignment Profiles
  2. Configuring And/Or Prerequisites in SuccessFactors Learning
  3. Using Period-Based Curricula to Manage Training Due Dates in SuccessFactors Learning (Part I)
  4. Understanding the Event-Based Method of Period-Based Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning (Part II)
  5. Understanding the Calendar-Based Method of Period-Based Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning (Part III)
  6. Other Tricks of the Trade for Period-Based Curricula in SuccessFactors Learning (Part IV)
  7. High-Performance Training Evaluation with SuccessFactors Learning
  8. The New QuickGuides in SuccessFactors Learning
  9. The Evolution of Search in SuccessFactors Learning
  10. The New ‘Programs’ in SuccessFactors Learning (b1405)
  11. How to Train a Global Workforce Without Breaking the Law
  12. Tailor Your Learner Home Page for Maximum Impact in SuccessFactors Learning
  13. Craving More Content? Take a Bite Out of the Open Content Network in SuccessFactors Learning
  14. Extend Learning Management Capabilities in SuccessFactors Learning with the HR Business Partner Role
  15. Recommendations Rounding into Form with New Peer-to-Peer Capabilities in SuccessFactors Learning
  16. LMS Conversion : A guide to successful implementation – Part 1
  17. Managing the Supervisor/Employee Relationship in LMS
  18. Managing the Supervisor/Employee Relationship in LMS – Part 2
  19. Configuring Communication Channel with SFSF Adapter (with REST Message Protocol) for SAP PI and LMS
  20. Putting the New Quiz Builder to the Test in SuccessFactors Learning
  21. “New” Feature – Certificate of Completion Editor (Overview)
  22. An approach for fixing delimiter issues in LMS CSV reports using Plateau Report Designer
  23. Accomplishing Common Reporting Tasks and Resolving Common Issues with Plateau Report Designer – Part 1
  24. Accomplishing Common Reporting Tasks with Plateau Report Designer (Custom Scheduled Offering Report) – Part 2
  25. Five Tricks to Help Your LMS Data Migration
  26. Ensuring SCORM compatibility with Articulate StoryLine 2
  27. Face It & Embrace It – Content Is King
  28. LMS Notification Editor
  29. SAP SuccessFactors Learninig Management Certification Online Practice Exams

Succession & Development and Presentations

  1. SuccessFactors November Release: Empowering Managers to Build Robust Bench Strength
  2. The Art of Succession Planning: Plan Now To Succeed Tomorrow

Other Talent

  1. SuccessFactors Release Management: Four Tips from Talisman Energy

Workforce Analytics & Planning and Reporting

  1. SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics or SAP Business Intelligence for Human Resources?
  2. New: Predefined HR Analytics for executives and HR business partners
  3. Q&A: Analytics with BI and SuccessFactors
  4. HR Reporting and Analytics in SuccessFactors – Part 1
  5. Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting in SuccessFactors – Part 2
  6. Visual Reporting with Dashboard 2.0 Reports in SuccessFactors – Part 3
  7. Visual Reporting with BIRT Templates in SuccessFactors – Part 4
  8. Advanced Reporting & Online Report Designer in SuccessFactors
  9. Features of HR Reporting using Success Factors ORD
  10. SuccessFactors Q4 2013 Release: Reporting and Analytics
  11. SuccessFactors Q2 2014 Release: Reporting and Analytics
  12. SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics


  1. SuccessFactors Q1 2014 Release: SuccessFactors Mobile
  2. SuccessFactors Q1 2015 Release: SuccessFactors Mobile
  3. SuccessFactors Q2 2015 Release: SuccessFactors Mobile
  4. Configuring Mobile Application for Success Factors Recruitment Management
  5. SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Q4 2015 Release Highlights
  6. Create SAP Mobility Custom App easily for SuccessFactors – Part 1


  1. SolMan to Cloud Setup: Basic Setup for Monitoring SAP Based Hybrid Solutions
  2. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of SuccessFactors Talent Hybrid Integration


  1. SAP and SuccessFactors talent hybrid model: what lies ahead, plus a few small hidden jewels
  2. SuccessFactors and SAP Getting their Integration Act Together
  3. The Real Truth about SAP and SuccessFactors Integration
  4. SAP and SuccessFactors – “Proven” Integration is Hype
  5. Middleware Technology Options for Integrating SuccessFactors
  6. How A Customer Connected 8 HR Systems With SuccessFactors
  7. SAP Cloud Deployment Models and Their Evolution
  8. What are Packaged Integrations?
  9. Analyzing SAP SuccessFactors Integration Add-On Downloads Using R

Integration Technology & APIs

  1. SuccessFactors Adapter in SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI)
  2. SuccessFactors (SFSF) Adapter for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration
  3. Hands-On – Testing Integration with SuccessFactors SFAPI
  4. Hands-On – Testing Integration with SuccessFactors OData API
  5. PI.SFSF Integration.DOC – SFSF OData Dynamic query “$filter” clause at runtime.
  6. PI.SFSF Integration.DOC – How to Model Successfactors SOAP and ODATA Entities using Eclipse Juno Tool.
  7. OData Adapter in SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCI)
  8. Employee Central OData APIs – Reading, creating and updating custom generic objects using GET/POST/PUT
  9. Consuming Employee Central OData Services with the Java Olingo library
  10. Connecting Successfactors APIs Using SOAP UI
  11. It’s SAP Cloud HCM…, It’s HCI…, It’s the Integration Center
  12. Hana Cloud Integration in comparison to Dell’s Boomi.
  13. Using SAP HCI OData Adapter with SAP HANA Cloud Connector
  14. Generation of consumer interface structure file for Compound Employee API
  15. Employee Full File Via BOOMI (No Changes / Delta)

SAP Talent Hybrid integration – Packaged Integrations from SAP

  1. 1405 Release – SuccessFactors Competencies and Curricula Integration With SAP ERP Qualifications

SAP Talent Hybrid integration – implementation

  1. Pilot Test of the Integration add-on for SAP ERP HCM & SuccessFactors BizX
  2. Integration Q&A: Managing employee compensation using SAP HCM and SuccessFactors
  3. Integration Q&A: Real-World Impressions on SAP and SuccessFactors Integration Add-On’s
  4. A few missing pieces for SuccessFactors and SAP integration.
  5. Optional Business Processing Parameters in Employee Integration in SFIHCM01 – SP04

Hybrid / Full Cloud / Employee Central

  1. Boomi for SuccessFactors Integration
  2. Part 1: SuccessFactors Employee Central – An introduction to how SAP and SuccessFactors enable HR data to drive business processes
  3. Part 3: SuccessFactors Employee Central – What is the integration roadmap & FAQ’s
  4. Standard Templates for Integration of SuccessFactors Employee Central with 3rd Party applications
  5. Compound Employee API: Extensibility
  6. Creating Query Filter in Boomi for later use in a Process
  7. Reset Existing Delta Sync Configuration in SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) for SuccessFactors Interface
  8. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services – A Quick Overview
  9. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services and Boomi: A Comparison
  10. How to query deleted employee data records using API
  11. Current and future dated data extraction using CompoundEmployee API
  12. Handling Large Data With SAP Cloud Platform Integration OData V2 Adapter
  13. API Data extraction patterns from Successfactors Employee Central for delta interfaces
  14. EC Payroll Point to Point Integration (PTP)
  15. Integration Center : Design your inbound ( to SuccessFactor) integration in few clicks
  16. Employee Central Integration with Cloud for Customer via CPI – Part III

Business Warehouse, Business Intelligence, & SAP Data Services

  1. How to integrate SuccessFactors talent data into SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse?
  2. How to setup SuccessFactors Adapter with SAP Data Services
  3. Integrate SAP BI/BO into Successfactors

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  1. Configuring MS ADFS 3.0 as Identity Provider for SuccesFactors
  2. SAP SuccessFactors Platform Components – Part 3: Family, Roles, Competencies, and Job Codes
  3. SAP SuccessFactors Platform Components – Part 5: Single Sign On
  4. How to initiate an OAuth connection to SuccessFactors Employee Central?
  5. What the SAP Cloud Platform extensibility foundation is doing to enable simple SAML SSO for SAP SuccessFactors extension applications


  1. Integrating SuccessFactors with Microsoft SharePoint

Data Migration

  1. LSO-to-SuccessFactors LMS RDS | hyperCision, Inc.
  2. More reason to use rapid data migration to leap into the SuccessFactors cloud!
  3. SuccessFactors Recruitment Data Migration – A Journey
  4. Initial Load / Migration of HR Data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)

Acquisition by SAP and Roadmap

  1. SAP and SuccessFactors Acquisition Q&A (Cloud Avenue)
  2. SAP to Buy Into Software as a Service With SuccessFactors Deal [PDF]
  3. SAP To Buy SuccessFactors: Major Shift In Talent Management Market (updated)
  4. SAP and SuccessFactors Roadmap Analysis