SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics

Workforce analytics continues to be a hot topic in 2015 and we’ve enabled some cool new features and capabilities in our first release of the year for our customers to take advantage of:

Action Search

A great new productivity feature in 1502 is the ability for you to search for Ad-hoc and Online Report Designer reports and dashboards using Action Search and then kick off that report or dashboard directly from the Action Search results:

SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics

This little feature saves you time and clicks, and you no longer need to memorize the paths to get to a report or dashboard destinations.


In this release we’ve also extended accessibility of the handy SuccessFactors quickcard to reporting and analytics. With quickcard details about employees can be seen in a popup and action can be initiated from the place where they are being referenced without losing the current reporting or analytics context.

SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics

Quickcard is now accessible from reports for Online Report Designer, Career Trajectory Charts and drill to detailed transactions in Workforce Analytics, respecting security and authorization rules that allow access to individual’s information.

Predefined metric definitions

We’ve again updated more than 100 predefined metrics in our content library across absence management, recruiting, career & development planning, compensation planning, health & safety, finance, and survey metrics packs – all with detailed definitions and descriptions to help simplify analysis and interpretation of information, and accelerate better workforce and business decisions.

New report templates

Plus, in 1502 customers can download from a selection of Workforce Analytics scorecard report templates made for Online Report Designer and covering topics like workforce composition, mobility and availability, recruiting, learning, performance and goals, compensation planning, succession and development, organizational effectiveness, payroll and benefits, and survey results for employee engagement and work environment. These report templates can be further customized by customers to suit their specific business requirements.


A couple of years ago Helen Poitevin wrote a great blog on SCN about the challenges organization face in headcount reporting and who is actually included in a number. Foundational to SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, we’ve been helping customers quickly get access to true headcount numbers across the organization, and around the globe.

We’re now proud to announce the integration of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics with Fieldglass to simplify access to comprehensive, seamless workforce analytics encompassing the total workforce: employees and contingent workers, all from one place:

SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics

SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and AnalyticsWith the addition of contingent workforce data, you have visibility into your entire workforce to help you reach your program cost, compliance, and worker quality and efficiency goals. You can benefit from this powerful combination by turning on and configuring a predefined integration, without investing resources to build and support additional integration points, to access a collection of new metrics focused on the analysis of your total workforce.

While on the topic of integration, did you also know that in our prior release in Q4 of 2014 we announced the packaged integration of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics with ADP GlobalView Payroll?

This behind-the-scenes integration extends comprehensive, intuitive workforce analytics capabilities to customers using SuccessFactors Employee Central and ADP GlobalView Payroll. You can take advantage of this combination to unlock the value of your HR and payroll data – without investing your IT resources in building and supporting additional integrations.

Also a reminder that Dashboards 1.0 will be sunset by August 2015 release. Please review the documentation for Universal Upgrade to Dashboards 2.0, which includes tile-based dashboards allowing you to build new tiles or add standard tiles from the SuccessStore.

SuccessFactors Q1 2015 (1502) Release: Reporting and Analytics