SuccessFactors Cloud Learning Center

The SuccessFactors Cloud Learning Center uses SuccessFactors Learning to deliver customer and partner training for the SuccessFactors system. Training is focused around task-specific trainings for system administration and implementation project support. The Cloud Learning Center can be access with the following URL:

Once logged in the main screen will be instantly recognizable by anyone who has used SuccessFactors Learning before:

SuccessFactors Cloud Learning Center

The courses are split into several categories:

  • Foundations Training
  • Compensation
  • Employee Central
  • Performance and Goal Management
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Succession and Development
  • Learning
  • Boomi API Training
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Social Learning

Foundation Training covers core instance and Platform activities, such as instance customization, Role-Based Permissions (RBPs), and Competencies. Most of the others are fairly straightforward to understand!

The Support and Additional Resources portlet provides a wealth of resources to support using the Cloud Learning Center and the learning assets found within it.

Let’s take a look at the Employee Central trainings. This is reached by clicking Employee Central in the Success Academy Learning Paths portlet, where all of the categories listed above are accessed. We can see a curriculum of courses listed in numeric order (each number is proceeded by a letter indicating the curriculum type, such as E for Employee Central or O for Onboarding). Most modules feature two trainings: the Project Team Orientation (PTO) and Job Aids. Employee Central has two module-specific trainings in addition to these (Administration and Payroll for HR Administrators).

SuccessFactors Cloud Learning Center

Many of the courses feature PDF guides or downloadable assets to use as part of an implementation or simply for quick reference. Others features video recordings or interactive content.

Trainings can be assigned to your Learning Plan (a collection of trainings to take) either as single trainings or as an entire curriculum. These can be consumed at your own pace.