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SuccessFactors 1H 2022 Release in terms of Latest Home Page

SuccessFactors 1H 2022 Release in terms of Latest Home Page

There are few notable changes in terms of Latest Home Page in SuccessFactors 1H 2022 release. In this blog we are going to discuss few of the new changes/functionalities in the latest Home Page as per 1H 2022 release.

Functionality 1: Addition of new Quick Actions – Five new Quick actions have been included. List of new Quick Actions are below.

Sample Home Page Layout for new Quick Actions:

Functionality 2: Custom Cards Grouping – For the custom cards (Organizational Updates) all the custom cards can be grouped into sections. Different folder(s)/Section(s) can be created & under the folder/section different cards can be added. In the below sample Test Folder Group has been created & there are two cards “Card 1” & Test “Card 2” under this folder.

Configuration Screenshot for the custom folder:

Sample Output of the folder:

Functionality 3: Size of custom card – Two different sizes (Full Size & Half Size) are available for the custom cards.

Sample of Full Size & Half Size Cards.

Functionality 4: Use of Icon on custom cards – Icon can be used for the custom cards. Icon based cards are available as half sized cards only.

Sample Icon based Custom card:

Configuration step for Icon based Cards.

Functionality 5: Date Dependent Custom Cards for New Hire (ONB 1.0)– Based on New Hires start date custom card can be made available in the latest home page.

Configuration Screen:

Functionality 6: Supplemental Tasks: supplemented to do items or supplemental task are supported now in the latest home page. Also, there is a functionality which can be used to import the legacy supplemental to do items in the latest homepage.

Categories supported for Supplemental Task under Latest Home Page:

Sample Configuration for Business Approvals Category:

Home Page layout for Supplemental Task:

Functionality 7: Target Group for custom content – Permission Role & Permission Group can now be used as target group for latest home page. Until release 2H 2021 only Dynamic Group was supported. As of now below mentioned contents supports use of permission role/group.

  • Custom cards
  • Custom links available as Favourites
  • Supplemental tasks
  • Custom folders

Sample Screen for Assignment of Role/Group

Functionality 8: As per H1 2022 release it supports 16 instead of 12 visible custom cards in the Latest Home Page.