PLM Project System (PS)

Steps to de-activate AVAC for Individual WBS element using User Status

The purpose of this document to set deactivate (Availability Control) AVAC for WBS element using User Status.

Step 1: Create User Status (BS02)

Create User Status and setup deactivate AVAC business transaction

PLM Project System (PS)

Double click on DEAV status to set the Business transaction

PLM Project System (PS)

Save the User Status

Step 2: Assign User Status to Project Profile (OPSA)

SPRO – Project System – Structures – Operative Structures – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – Create Project Profile

Assign the User Status Profile to Project Profile in the Control Tab

PLM Project System (PS)

Step 3: Maintain Budget Profile (OPS9)

SPRO – Project System – Costs – Budget – Maintain Budget Profiles

PLM Project System (PS)

This is a sample Budget Profile setup, our scenario should work for all combinations

Step 4: Assign Budget Profile to Project Profile

SPRO – Project System – Costs – Budget – Stipulate Default Budget Profile for Project Definition

PLM Project System (PS)

Step 5: Project Creation

Project is Created, AVAC is activated for WBS element C-000034-01-01 and deactivated for WBS element C-000034-01-02

AVAC was not activated yet.

PLM Project System (PS)

Step 6 : Budgeting

On allocating the Budget (1000 USD), AVAC status got activated automatically for all WBS element, irrespective of User status.

User status for C-000034-01-02 is set as DEAV

PLM Project System (PS)

To deactivate AVAC functionality, you need to have some budget in the WBS element.

Step 7: Validating AVAC Setup

Case 1: Adding commitment to WBS element with AVAC activated

PLM Project System (PS)

On saving the Project

PLM Project System (PS)

Checking the detailed information by Extras – Logs – Cost Calculation

PLM Project System (PS)

Case 2: Adding commitment to WBS element with AVAC deactivated

PLM Project System (PS)

On Save, Project will be saved successfully.

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