SAP S/4HANA 1909 System Conversion (SAP Basis Side)

The purpose of this blog is to help consultant in preparing the landscape for S/4HANA conversion. We distributed activities in three phase and every phase have sub activities.

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  1. Preparation
  2. Realization
  3. Post step

Preparation Phase

  1. Sizing
  2. SI Check or SAP Readiness check (Solution Manager Required)
  3. Remove Client 066
  4. Uninstall Fiori Apps
  5. Maintenance planner


Run transaction SE38 and execute the program /SDF/HDB_SIZING in the production system

Select Perform Sizing of S/4HANA and HANA 2.0 for S/4HANA 1909

Click on Execute Button

SI-Check or SAP Readiness check (Solution Manager Required)

Run transaction SE38 and execute the program /SDF/RC_START_CHECK in the production system

Select SAPS/4HANA 1909

Remove Client 066

Client 066 is the Early Watch client which was set up during the installation of your system. This client is not used in SAP S/4HANA. To prevent issues, for example, with job scheduling, you have to remove it before starting the conversion.

Remove client 066, proceed as described in SAP Note 1749142

Run T-Code SCC5 for client deletion

Uninstall Fiori Apps

If you have SAP Fiori apps installed locally on your source system, you need to uninstall them if they are not released for USER INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY 7.50 (SAP_UI 7.50). If you do not uninstall these apps, the

Check SAP Note 2034588 for a list of apps that you need to uninstall as per your landscape

Maintenance planner

Please use Maintenance planner for calculate stack.xml file

Realization Phase

Conversion using SUM

Software Update Manager (SUM) is the technical tool used for the system conversion to SAP S/4HANA. Latest version is SUM 2.0 SP08 and SAP Note is 2832350

Extraction Phase

Click On Next

Select Compare the Content of all tables and generate migration key on SAP portal and provide here and click on next

Click On Next

Configuration Phase

Click on Next

Please provide language media

Implement these note in your system

Click on next

Click on next

Click on next

Check Phase

Preprocessing phase

Click On Next

Drop mail to ABAP Team for SPDD activity once they will confirm that the activity is completed then click on next

Click On next

Click on Next once above written activity will complete.

Take complete Full Backup of DB as well complete Backup of SUM directory then click on next

Preprocessing phase got completed

Execution Phase

Click on Next

Postprocessing Phase

Click On Next

Click On Next

Post Step Phase

  1. Release suspended batch jobs, program BRCTRNS2
  2. Confirm new WF user is SAP_WFRT not WF-BATCH
  3. Review Workflow Configuration
  4. Activate business functions for Fiori: FIN_FSCM_CLM, FIN_FSCM_BNK, FIN_REP_SIMPL_2,FIN_REP_SIMPL3, FIN_REP_SIMPL4, FIN_LOC_SRF
  5. Execute SGEN
  6. Check HANA Log Mode – Change if necessary; undo parameter changes from FI data migration.
  7. Monitor ST22 and fix any ABAP dumps
  8. Review certificates pertaining to SSO, PSE regeneration if needed
  9. SSL certificates to use SAN (Subject Alternative Name) for Google Chrome Note 2725592
  10. Update NW kernel patch if required
  11. Implement SAP Note 2606478 REGENERATE_SAP_NEW, then, run the report

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